Getting PCR Tested at the Antalya Airport, Turkey, #PCRtest #AntalyaTurkey, #Travel

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I made this video of our PCR test experience while we travel during the pandemic. We got tested at the Antalya Airport. Wanted to share a brief overview of our experience.

Below is a link to the hospital we initially went to test at.

Below is a link to the Antalya Airport.

Below is a link to check results.

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If you got your results so fast you think I can do the test same day as my flight & just show up early?

Author — LeadJonathan


Thank you so so much ! We are leaving next week from Los Angeles to Antalya ! This the information we needed ❣️

Author — TAMA K


Hello thanks for showing me your video, ) its helps me a lot i want to fly in april to Alanya from Amsterdam , so when fly back i need a pcr test also to fly to holland now i need that i take turkisch lira with me for pay :) thank guy, s

Author — leen bakker


Hello! Wasnt this requirement until March 1st?

Author — I. S.


Your test was the same as mine. It's all linked to a Government database. This is actually the best way because nobody is going to question the validity of the testing. I heard from a friend that they had a test done in Albania and when they got to Germany to transfer they got denied boarding because they couldn't verify the accreditation of the lab. However, an hour later the issue was resolved but almost missed the flight. I'm hearing that 250TL we paid in Turkey is some of the best PCR prices globally. Props to the Turkish Government on that one.

Author — Cris4tay


We hope to upset you during your stay in Turkey has not been any behavior or situation. And we hope we could host you well. Take care of yourselves. May healthy and beautiful days be yours. I hope you will come again. Good bye.

Author — Sefa Kazmacı


I’ve never traveled since COVID and have yet to ever get the pcr test till I travel to Lebanon next week. I know this is said a lot, but recently does the swab for the nose actually go way back or do they go up the nose because I’ve seen some testing going straight and some up the nostril. I just need a little reassurance because I tend to overthink things and get anxious.

Author — kii kii