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Ayanna Williams had been growing her nails for over 25 years but she finally decided it was time for the ultimate manicure.

Measured at a final length of 733.55cm (24ft 0.7in), Ayanna holds the current record for the longest fingernails on a pair of hands (female) - a record title she has held since 2017.

Dr. Allison Readinger of Trinity Vista Dermatology in Forth Worth, Texas, USA, was the dermatologist in charge of the cutting; admitting it was her first time doing a procedure on this scale!

The nails will first be on show at Ripley's Believe It Or Not! in Orlando, Florida.

In the immediate future, Ayanna plans to grow her nails again, but not quite to the length she previously measured at.


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She’s wearing rings so she had to put the ring all the way through the nails???

Author — Makeitmagical


Why did I think that they were going to use a normal nail clipper 😂

Author — Rui S.


It must've felt so weird for her to feel things with her fingertips again

Author — Bree_999


Up until this video, she was the only person you could actually trust when they'd say "I don't pick my nose"

Author — foryoublue94


I'm no scientist but given that her locs are super long as well, there must be something unique about her ability to produce and retain protein.

Author — SQueen_ Rob


TBH this is inspirational. Not to grow long nails necessarily but to be dedicated to something for a long time, and once it doesn’t serve you any more purpose because your intuition says, it’s time to destroy, transform, and be reborn.

Author — Highzler Almir


“Sorry ma’am. I need you to put on hand sanitizer before you enter the office” *clackity clack clack clack*

Author — LoveInYourMouth


I want to see a video of her getting a manicure and having them look like 100% normal

Author — Kayla Speakman


Imagine how easy it will be for her now to use the bathroom. 😭

Author — D Coco


Why did the nurse act like she didnt know why she was there to see the doctor😂😂

Author — Bianca Chiareli


she's had her nails for 28 years? her nails are more than a decade older than me that's crazy

Author — Pretty Little Liar


Her first words after they are removed, my God I didn’t know hands were this useful.

Author — Linc Colt


Now she has the world record for largest nails ever to be cut off

Author — ProGamerNG14


I'm genuinely perplexed. How did she bathe, wipe after using the bathroom, eat, get dressed? To each their own, but having those nails seems like a self- imposed handicap.

Author — Kim Booker


Wait! Did she also hold the record for the longest hair? Jesus Christ! It implies this lady just loved everything long! Wow

Author — Positive Africa


That woman literally radiates the most positive and kind energy even though video.

Author — Kiwi Soda


I can only imagine the dingleberry issues these may have caused over the years🤔🙄...and what if you have a booger?😂🤣

Author — V W


She's going to live in a whole new different experience once she goes home without her long nails, surely it's more comfortable than having long ones.

Author — HelloImNothing


I cannot begin to imagine the amount of stress her hands were under due to being in those hand poses for years. So happy she did this for herself and no one else.

Author — Breanna Casada


She really said: "My nails don't make I make my nails💅"

✨What a queen✨

Author — mst