Would the US military need help from allies to crush China?

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It talks about development of warfare in the age of ancient Empires.

Following our last week's video, this time our focus is on politics and possible alliances in a war between USA and China. How would those alliances shape the war? How would they impact both the strategy and even tactical deployments?

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Flag of China (1889–1912), Image by 清朝政府 / Public domain

Seal of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Image by United States Department of Veterans Affairs / Public domain

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Consider: without nukes some of these conflicts might've already happened. Nuclear weapons have prevented world war

Author — AeneasGemini


This video: exists
Real life: "lol nukes"

Author — TheTabascodragon


If China vs USA does happen, I wouldn’t be shocked at all seeing a UFO 😳😳

Author — LookAround


China is invading US, by cargo ships with a load of Xmars gift that will be sold in Amazon and Costco

Author — Yiding Liu


There’s no version of this situation that wouldn’t spark a brand new world war. The only question is whether or not nuclear weapons would be involved.

Author — Large Unidentifiable Reptile


Battlefield 4 : Coming Soon in December 2020.

Author — John F. Kennedy


Over 2 millions died in Cambodia by Polpot regime, I didn't see anyone come and save me. Thank God I am still alive. Wars are hell, when the bullets start flying the rich will leave the areas first. It's easy to say who wins or who looses.

Author — HUNG MIN


Russia's economy is so bad that Russia would just keep to themselves and let everyone shed their own blood. Russia only entered WWII because Hitler broke their treaty and invaded Russia. Russia doesn't want to tangle with the US or with China, so they would just keep out. Add to that Russia and China's relationship has soured and Russia has been moving closer to India.

Author — Maestro Agnew


Invade China*
Possibly trigger a world war*

Author — Richard J


The answer is Yes. I just saved you 16 minutes. Yw

Author — Hebaat Fareghzadeh


Basically a ground war in either US or China is impossible

Author — Aussie God


May we all I've in peace, God have mercy

Author — JoAnn Dryoel


And this is perfect example of "DAY DREAMING".

Author — FUN TIMES


Binkov: Its now time to do a cyber warfare as a pretext to the U.S. being attacked on an european land grap by Russia or a tiawanese take over by China or even a Iranian attack on Saudia Arabian oil fields and military bases.

Author — Michael Ricks


Also Phillipines didnt declare independence from the US. The US was in the process of giving it until WW2. After the war the US rebuilt and then released its protectorate.

Author — Kln Wg


Just have the presidents fight in a wrestling match. DONE FINISHED, no one dies.

Author — King Quackie


Yes, fuel stock to reload reman, gotta remember Russia my jump in at any time, not likely at first but be set and ready for it as well

Author — Anthony Hettinger


This entire video can be summed up in three words

Mutually Assured Destruction

Author — Robert


It makes the US look better fightin chains with allied and not by its own

Author — martin nielsen


You forgot our ever growing number of blood thirsty highly trained Karen's .

Author — Laurence Fuller