Partition of the Syrian Arab Republic

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BAKU - As ISIS has scattered from the conventional battlespace in Syria, the focus has shifted to other parts of the country. The army of al-Assad, backed by Iran and Russia, have confined the rebel militias to pockets all over the country. The most significant rebel concentration is near the city of Idlib, where Turkish-backed militias and Islamist groups are held up.

The war has continued by these parameters, but it has taken a different form. Nearly all the opposition figures who started the anti-government movement are no longer around and goals for regime change have vanished as well. This new phase in the war has little to do with al-Assad, ideology, international law, or even Jihadist groups. Instead, every belligerent wants a piece of influence in Syria, which effectively means the dismemberment of the state.

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Toyota. The jihadist truck of choice. Whose the dealer. Fast eddy?

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my heart goes out to those humans that they just want to live, survive and make a living among and in-between the Killers.

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Does anybody knows where Shirvan gets those wonderful maps?

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OMG Shirvan you are back doing the voice over! So cool! The other guy was ok, but Caspian report needs your signature voice! Loving it. And excellent report as always!

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Great video, terrible comment section

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I love your reports really educational

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hey this year make videos on geopolitics of various regions



@Caspian Report what sources do you use to follow the Syrian Civil War?

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Today the US are withdrawing and Turkey are considering to invade

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Man, Syria is just like a Modern Game of Thrones.

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Thank you, I have learned more on this one video about this war, then I have watching any news from the USA.

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‪All these empires from East and West will converge into one nation, set up by themselves in absolute power‬.

Author — Emperor Tikacuti


2019 update: Turkey has invaded northern Syria to drive out the Kurds. America’s appetite for endless wars is ending as Trump withdraws most troops in Syria and restations them in Saudi Arabia. The Kurds hoping for independence and some dividend for helping drive out ISIS find yet again they have no friends but the mountains.

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This is my favorite channel thank you for everything

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