Highest Paid Mafia Boss Tells the TRUTH About the Life

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The following topics were discussed in this interview with Michael Franzese:

- Roy Cohn
- The Godfather
- Michael Corleone
- Rudy Giuliani
- John Gotti
- Sunny Franzese
- Colombo Family
- Gambino family
- Carmine "The Snake" Persico
- Conciegliere
- What really happens in the mob life

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Only the most confident men can sit like that in socks.

Author — Jenna Frazier


I'd like to hear Michael talk about the parallels between the Deep state and the mafia.

Author — Mark Dice


Fear an old man in a profession where men die young

Author — joeribelgium


Best line explaining why he's alive: "I just out-lasted everybody."

Author — Roger Hall


Two-Face: "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

Michael Franzese: You either die a villain or you live long enough to see yourself become a hero."

Author — Aaron Waghmare


"Everybody acts like a gangster.. Until a real gangster walks in the room" ~ Al Capone

Author — Incitatus


I love how he keeps calling his interviewer by name. "Well, I'll tell you this Patrick" or "You know what happened Patrick, was.." He's not just doing an interview, he makes you feel like he's talking to you, just you, directly. It is the kind of thing that makes people feel important, and its a subtle power move. The interviewer already admires him but he is gaining respect out of him by making the interview feel personal. You get the feeling that he would talk to anyone like that. A random store clerk, a mailman, a child. You always remember people who remember your name. He makes you want to be interested in him because he is showing he is interested in you. It is no wonder he got to where he was in the life and one of the few people to make it out. Knowing business is one thing but knowing business and knowing people and people's behavior will take you so much further. Fascinating person.

Author — nic win


I love watching his body language, he is so stoic it’s unreadable. He doesn’t move around or bounce his foot and that is obviously by design.

Author — cantag5508


He's still alive probably because he is freaking smart you can tell by listening to him

Author — Cameran Bittick


This guy is a good interviewer. He asks straightforward questions then let’s the guest talk and tries not to talk over people. These interviews are like a drug. Can’t quit watchin em

Author — nateman79


Really, doesn't need the 'music' plastered over the top of it. The speaking is more than enough.

Author — Timothy Melville


The mafia is a part of history. Especially the Italian American history. The story needs to be told.

Author — GarbageDanks


he looks like he's about to make me an offer i can't refuse

Author — oussama boutoual


I’d really like to meet Michael. Stand up guy. Paid his debt to society. Makes no excuses. Accepted accountability turned his faith and everything to God. That’s a ‘goodfella’ .

Author — B. W.


Real gangsters don't wear Yeezy's..just socks.

Author — Giovanna Roma


Whose watching this beautiful interview during lockdown?

Author — poetry221


“Kids want to love their parents, you gotta give them a really good reason to hate them”

Author — Nancy M


"If your best friend walks you in a room, you're never coming out alive." That's some shaddy truth, only your close ones kill you in this business.

Author — Typical Musician


Great interview, but i could do without the background music

Author — Jeremy M


Listening to him speak feels like smoking the most expensive cigar

Author — Duke of Blizzards