News #Turkey continues to sweep terrorists Latest photos from #Afrin

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News. #Turkey continues to sweep terrorists. Latest photos from #Afrin

The Turkish President, Erdogan, is ready to extend the Operation Olive Branch to Idlib himself. He stated this at the last interview. "The Turkish army, if necessary, will come from Afrin to Idlib." This statement was triggered after the Syrian Kurds shot down a Turkish helicopter. The helicopter was shot down by the "Syrian Democratic Forces" in Africa.

Recall that Turkey launched an attack on Syrian Kurds in Afrin on January 20. The order was given personally by the President of Turkey. Operation "Olive Branch" began with a massive air attack on important targets of terrorists. After that, the ground forces advanced in the direction of Afrin. More than a million Kurds live in the city. "Forces of people's self-defense" and "Forces of democratic Syria", fight with Turkish military men and do not let them calmly go into the interior of the country.

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