Fort - Playthrough & Review

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This is "Fort," designed by Grant Rodiek and published by Leder Games. This video includes a board game rules overview. Preorders go live on July 21st!


0:00 - 10:23 - Overview/Rules Teach
10:24 - 53:00 - Gameplay
53:00 - 54:50 - Scoring
54:51 - END - Review

Full disclosure: a review copy of the game was provided by the publisher.

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💬 Comments on the video

This is the best playthrough video for Fort I could imagine. You have set the bar incredibly high. The way you narrated your turns made it SO easy to follow. Subscribed!

Author — Kyle Ferrin


Really nice explanation and playthrough. The camera angle for the gameplay is great, and the way you both talked through your actions was very helpful. Game looks like a lot of fun!

Author — Matthew Halowell


Like a lot of people, I just discovered you guys . Its nice to see a couple that kinda look like mine, really like your tone, comments, jokes, enthousiam yet no over-hype. As a constructive comment I would say, maybe some zoom shots on certain cards/details would be nice, but yeah thats really not a big deal.

Author — Charles


That was a really well-synchronized rock, paper, scissors. You two belong together.



Thanks for the play through for this game! Looking at pre-ordering this game. You are becoming one of our most watched channels for board games because we mainly play with 2 players. Definitely opening our eyes to the heavier games like Lisboa. We are not quite there yet but close! Thanks!

Author — Jos Yuen


Just discovered this channel. Love it! Y’all do a great job! This is one of the best how to/play though/review videos I’ve seen. Clear, succinct, and fun! Keep up the good work!

Author — Deron Freudenthal


I think the initial draft of your starting deck will be absolutely necessary for this one. Can't wait to try it out !

Author — William B


Boy!! I can't wait to see the promos or any expansions

Author — curt nel


Great playthrough Monique and Naveen, looks like my kind of game.

Author — Karthik Setty


Just wanted to thank you for these playthroughs. They are well produced, interesting and useful in determining whether a game is worth getting. Cheers!

Author — Sami Paju


I feel bad for the kids that aren't anyone's best friend..

Author — Aditya TS


Monique & Naveen - GREAT job! I was pretty sure I would preorder based on the Leder Games brand, but your playthrough and explanation totally sold me for sure on it! I’m a subscriber going forward, love your style of video!

Author — Brian Frahm


At 35:57 I think you forgot to count your wild icon in the lookout. I believe you should have taken 5 things there instead of 4. Great video BTW! I owned and sold SPQF because after one play it felt too confusing to parse. This version seems to be smoothed out in a big way from the icons and even the complexity of the actions. Thinking I may want to give this version try.

Author — JonGetsGames


Love the clarity of your explanations and playthroughs as well as the reasoning behind your moves; this takes the standard learn to play to next level. Thanks for the video!

Author — Rolling With Rob


Thanks for demonstrating game play. I can't wait to play, and watching really made the difference.

Author — Heidi Cakes Soap Co


You had me at Macaroni Sculpture! Great playthrough!

Author — Adam Bishop


Monique was always one or two steps ahead, and it was fun to see it play out. The build and execution was great to follow along. Great combining.

Author — NemoMangelk


Great playthrough guys! Convinced me to buy the game. You two have an awesome pacing that makes the game enjoyable to learn, and I hope more publishers reach out to you!

Author — Adam Sitsis


Great video, guys! I had fun watching. Looking forward to playing this one :-)

Author — Joey Kilmer


Really good playthrough and super useful as I'll mostly be playing 2-player too, so good to see that it plays well at the smallest count.

Author — SamuraiFantana