COVID-19 Animation: What Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

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Who ever reading this - I pray for you and your family's good health.

Author — Abyssinian Style


If your reading this have a good day and I god bless you won’t get infected EVER

Author — TacoMoraco


I lost my husband this day 7.12.2020 due to covid. I was sleep and missed his call, i didnt get to hear his voice to tell me he love me. I feel sick because i missed his last call. I thanked God for allowing me to borrow him and now to God he has to return.
I love you Lavaris Evans, without hesitation!

Author — Sharon


My grandma died from this deadly virus, may everyone who died too Rest In Peace.

Author — Onepiece Luffyx10


Everyone who reads this message may your mother lives a 100 years.

Author — Dr. Najeeb Lectures


cant wait till i hear ''we found the cure''

Author — Cabrones cabron


2020 is a year that we will never forget .

during all my entire life, i have never seen that.schools were closed for many months mosques were closed even praying on Friday is not allowed.

we reallly thought we were going to die and the end of world has came .

many researchers say that many millions of people are going to die at the end of the pandemic.

all the world is confused .

Author — Issou Abdou


Imagine saying to a covid patient to *stay positive*

Author — Ultimaghost


Who ever is reading my comment I pray that may you and your family remain safe. 💓

Author — Dark Shadow


Can't wait for the day to hear....
"COVID-19 is finally gone"

Edit : thanks for the 1k likes 😍

Edit 2 : OMG 🤩 3K likes 🤗

Author — Wezoku Medo


Year 2020 should be the best history of next generations, and tell them about how our front line doctors risked their lifes and sacrifice themselves, oh Allah! please make their way to jannah easy and, make their grave comfortable for them, Ameen

Author — Qaiser Shaheen


Cant wait for someone to tell me:

"You watched the news? Some country actually found corona virus vaccine and says it will be divided within a week or two...Finally bro this shit is about to end"

Author — Itx GaminG


Can we take a moment to appreciate Ant Man risking his life to be the camera man.

Author — raunox


Mad respect for the actors for actually getting coronavirus for this video.

Author — S M U G


Me: looks at lungs

Hears the word: b r e a t h e .

*Starts struggling to breathe

Author — WHD PHD


And now there's a new virus coming out of china called the G4 swine flu which has the potential to become another pandemic. God help us all.

Author — butter knife 21


If the person reading this have a sore throat
Just drink lots of water and it might help

Author — frick you


I ever get infected by covid - 19 (in indonesia) i so scared when doing a rapid test imagine a long cotton bud get in in your nose + you will get blown.finally i get recovered.sorry for my bad english.

Author — andi bangke


My MIL is corona positive. Her one lung is damaged. She is on oxygen all the time.. Kindly pray for her..

Author — dragon fire


When you talk about breathing

Me: I need to breath manually..

Author — Jomjam Jung