What To Expect From The Senate Impeachment Trial l FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

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In this episode of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, Tia Mitchell of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution joins to discuss what to expect from former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial. The crew also looks at Republican proposals to change election laws in Georgia and other states in the wake of their 2020 presidential election loss.

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Perry's consistently brought insightful points to the podcast, but it's not often that we get to see him as fired up as he was over voter suppression in Georgia. It's refreshing.

Author — David Eltz


I didn't know about her before but Tia Mitchell was really good, please have her on again!

Author — Joseph Groves


All four of you are great, but Perry Bacon, Jr is consistently one of the smartest commentators out there and I particularly enjoy hearing his perspective.

Author — Eric Burns


Tia was a great add. Would have loved to hear more about her experience in the capital.

Author — Parker Gunther


Yay more AJC. I thanked ya'll the last time you brought someone from them on. Glad to see you are catering to my exact demands. :)

Author — ElementalNimbus


This was an absolutely fantastic episode. Tia rocks!

Author — Jacob Potischman


I love your podcasts. Your calm civility is a shining beacon to the rest of the planet!

Author — Max Fletcher


They are really struggling between being evil or evil and bat shit insane. Tough choice.

Author — Remy Militello


Tia's information helpful. Let's hear from her more.

Author — Ellen Greenlaw


I really enjoy Tia's perspectives in the podcast! Still missing Claire but great work anyhow!

Author — Lucari Jordan


57:45 so funny to hear this is automatically "cannot get passed" when it's standard essentials in all other democracies ✋😭

Author — WeatherManToBe


22:41 the sly smile on Nate’s face AHAHAHA

Author — JB Nelson


I thought the Weeknd's show was one of the best in recent memory!

Author — Patrick Templeton


Nebraska's GOP also censured Ben Sasse for voting to go ahead with the proceedings.

Author — Ethan Mackler


More Tia Mitchell!!!!

And bring back Clare

Author — Lucas James


Love seeing you bring journalists from local newspapers on the pod— especially when they’re from my own AJC!

I think Nate hinted at an interesting point about bipartisanship. Most people are not policy wonks, so when a piece of legislation is complicated with unclear impacts (The ACA, for example) how many legislators from “the other side” voted for it is an easy signal for how good a law it is. The media also sometimes frames the debate like bipartisan bill = good law (which isn’t always the case). But when an act has a direct tangible impact (eg. stimulus checks), people don’t need to rely on these signals from the top to decide if an act was good or not, and therefore, bipartisanship matters less.

Author — Carson Cook


I love Tia's analysis and insight. I also love her fashion model offside angle 🤩

Author — SpitefulRennie


Let's see what the next few weeks will bring.

Author — Fifi Finance


Please Note: To vote by mail in Georgia today, already, one must submit one's Driver's License # to request a mail-in ballot. I know this from personal experience. I twice requested mail-in ballots (one for the General Election and, later, one for the Senate runoffs). Both times I was required to provide my Georgia Driver's License # as part of the online application process for a mail-in ballot. ... and this is in addition to the signature check that was mentioned. That the proposed legislation would require me to send a .jpg of my Driver's License instead of simply typing in the number seems goofy. (Obviously it is an added hassle designed to deter people from making such requests. I'm not convinced it'll actually hurt Dem voters more than GOP voters, though)

Author — C S


That was some really good discussion. Thanks!

Author — Daniel Zajic