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Time for our brand new series: Games With Consequences!
Video games just got WAY more fun!

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Glad y’all like Dunk Tank FIFA!
What game should we play next?
► Next Video: Airsoft Battle Royale

Author — Dude Perfect


This is how many people want a new games with consequences

Author — A.M.A Studios


Who is you're favorite twin?
Coby: like
Cory: comment

Author — Ruby Garcia


Fc Barcelona like

Manchester United comment

Author — Mini Marshmellow


Episode 2: Tyler and Garrett playing Madden or 2k

Author — William Cracas


So let me get this straight...
They are twins playing A Soccer video game, while sitting on dunk tanks, in a baseball stadium, and getting punished??

My kinda video...

Author — Lucas Tangen


This is how many of times coby will win


Author — Enzo Jones


Who still can’t tell which one is Coby and which one is Cory. 😂

Author — Ramez Baslious


Over a year later and still hasn’t come out with a second one😂

Author — Justin Dominguez


November 2019 any1?

Author — StealthNinja


I would like more of this I’ve been waiting

Author — PrimeStopper11


You should play rocket league....
And kepp this series going

Author — Shaikh Saleem Traders


Do soccer stereotypes:
Thinks they’re messi
the acrobat
the excessive celebrator
the bad referee
crazy fans
the crazy commentators
the dramatic coach
the rage monster(when scored on)
the player coach
the ball hog
Mr. Excuses(why he can’t score)

Author — George Hunter


Who else is watching this in september 2019

Author — Alex Va


dude perfect: here's a new series called games with consequences
you: yay a new series
dude perfect: nope!

like if you want episode 2

Author — wyat1711 wyat1711


Fans: A new series?

DP: Well yes, but actually no

Author — Clayface The Legend


11:05 i thought that the area 51 raid was over but for cory its still going

Author — Harvey Norman


Winner was Cody lol 😂 he was so dumb in the show and hilarious

I’m liking coz no one else will😥😰😓

Author — LegendaryClash_YT


i love it how they’re playing fifa in a baseball field HA😂😂



Here 1 year later. So much for a new series

Author — Madness999