Recording Pink Floyd with Alan Parsons & Nick Mason

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We recorded an interview with Pink Floyd's Nick Mason and top record producer Alan Parsons at State of the Ark Recording Studios a while back when they were recording a special drum sample library for Sonic Reality. Dave from Sonic Reality asked the questions mostly focused on the Dark Side of the Moon album and we have thrown in a stack of cut-away footage of the recording and preparation followed by a little chat about the drums recording in the corridor :-)

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Special thanks to everyone who helped in the making of this feature!

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this is why Youtube is better than TV . . . . this kind of stuff is never on TV ..

Author — William Leather


To me Alan Parsons and David Gilmore's voices sound very similar when they talk.

Author — Jeremy V


Can’t wait to look back in 50 years listing to the making of classic Taylor Swift albums ... said no one in the future, ever

Author — AK K


Alan Parsons is a master in engineering... why do you think he spends a long time adjusting a microphone stand??? Because he is a professional genius!

Author — Mick Nordström


Nick Mason is a very underrated drummer, he's actually brilliant.

Author — Blind Jack


The engineering and production on Dark Side of the Moon was outstanding.

Author — billytheweasel


The title should be - "Alan Parsons Adjusting a Mic Stand"

Author — surplusofidiots


100. Years from now Dark side will still be considered timeless

Author — Thomas Prince


One line we should have taken VERY seriously: "and then one day you find, ten years have gone behind you - no one told you when to run... you missed the starting gun"

Author — Elyot


Two recording giants in one room, these guys forgot more about production than most of the people in music know. Bands like Pink Floyd, Yes, Rush, Genesis, Alan Parsons Project, Supertramp, ELO, and on an on created whole musical landscapes, compare this to Drake “Cell phone” what a joke .

Author — Kevin Barrett


Alan PArsons, very probably the best sound engeniering in the history

Author — Artie Gloucester


I always liked Nick Mason, just from the way he plays the drums. The is the first time I hear him speak and he seems to be the same kind of humorous, self-effacing, good guy that you can hear in his playing.

Author — Albert Bouchard


when the ruttles recorded "sgt rutters lonely darts club band" it paved the way for darkside, no ruttles no floyd

Author — biggles4441


Really enjoyed this interview. Alan Parsons has had an incredible career, and what can you say, it's Nick Mason!! Thank you for sharing this

Author — Eric Perkins


Two legends, Parsons had a massive impact on DSOTM, great Engineer and Nick is a fantastic drummer. Listen to the live stuff and focus in on what Nick's doing (if you can put Gilmours' beautiful guitar and Rogers' stunning lyrics to the back!).

Author — Steve White


"The ultimate stereo test record." Right on.

Author — Steve Johnson


I never knew Demis Roussos was their roadie!

Author — Nautilus1972



Author — chumcool


Please go through your albums, please find I Robot, Play as instructed, wonder to yourself, why the hell haven't I listened to this in a
Alan Parson is a genius !!! Stereotomy !!

Author — FusionHowie


when the chicago Bulls are introduced...that music is Alan's..His Project was killer..and so under appreciated...

Author — iamrichrocker