New reaction to an alleged plot to use the 25th Amendment against President Trump

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New reaction to an alleged plot to use the 25th Amendment against President Trump4.5
Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz, former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, and national security attorney Bradley Moss join the debate.

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This was a coup . All the fast talking won't change it.

Author — Beth Bob


What is the point of having Bradley Moss on the TV? The guy offers no insight and just spouts Democratic Party scare points. Is that really what it means to lean left now?

Author — TofeldianSage


Trump would have to be unable to perform his duties. the 25th amendment is not for getting rid of a president that you do not like.

Author — Timothy Love


"It wasn't lying, it was a lack of candor."
That was brilliant, I should have tried that one on my parents!

Author — susan olson



AMERICA elected him!!! They didn't want democrats

Author — Sam Govars


this bunch had no problem with obama giving Iran 400 million in cash . and they were worried about a President who puts his country first???

Author — Barry Smith


*Bill Barr clean that dirty justice department house.*

Author — Richie Rich


Pray for President Trump. Pray for The United States Of America. Time to unite my friends!

Author — Ginger Johnson


2 face Democrats! They try to take our rights away and they act like they care about the constitution

Author — Diana Vidal


Mr plaid shirt has sped into another reality!

Author — Mad As Hell


Barr release ALL the docs/memo's/FISA/reports, etc. We the people want the truth!

Author — AnnaM Quintana


Bradley Moss is a clean up man ...aka BS er for the its the coverup of the we can't see thru the BS. Insulting.

Author — Focus on Nature


It's crazy. People are literally arguing over why we don't need a wall. Hell thats equivalent as you telling me not dial 911 while I'm bleeding out.

Author — Black American


Time to investigate college professors and see how they screwed up this generation so bad.

Author — Clark Kent


If I were Rob Rosenstein - I would be sweating bullets!
Sedition with McCabe is a crime.
The ball is on Rob's side of the net.

Author — Otie Brown


Alex Jones predicted this when the Trump got A big plot against the deep state

Author — Strong Black Independent Republican Black Waman


Pocahantas again wearing that same blue suit.
That outfit smell likem buffalo hide

Author — Terminator FUTURE


Wow Pocahontas and the other jackasses are desperate lol 😆

Author — Booze0331


These people are crazy why can't they just support our president? What about the whole fake Russian dossier? Shouldn't they be in jail? They found nothing on him

Author — Browneyes rule


Lack of candor...
Not lying... just lack of candor!

Author — C. D.