See inside the eye of Hurricane Dorian

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Lt. Col. Sean Cross, a pilot with the Air Force team that flew inside the eye of Hurricane Dorian, says storm surge and drowning are the biggest dangers with hurricanes. #CNN #News

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The hurricane is just like my ex wife, beautiful but will ruin your life and take your home with no remorse.

Author — Rich B


See inside the eye of Hurricane Dorian and than CNN covers 80% of the screen with stupid banner ?lol

Author — Adem Krasniqi


How can something this deadly be so beautiful? I can't imagine what the people in the Bahamas are going through.

Author — Wolfe 123


Wow, that pilot and his team have some serious balls to fly into that Hurricane. Thank you sir.

Author — Rob Li


Nature is so incredibly beautiful. This storm reminds us that we are not in control. We need to learn to respect our planet & keep it safe.
#Dorian #staysafe #ClimateChangeIsReal

Author — Kari Major


Beautiful till your house get blown away and end in somebody's backyard

Author — Dino Caprice


Theres a 4x4 compartment in the rear area of the craft for his balls.

Author — Michael Shannon


This is the only way I’d click on a CNN post

Author — J Jacobs


Why don’t they fly a bunch of planes counter clockwise at the same time to reverse the storm

Author — Dingus Squatford Jr


My Prayers go out to all those that will be hit by this storm Please stay inside and Be Safe....❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Author — Gary Sheldon Jr


“Every storm has its own unique personality”😂😂😂

Author — Kim Kardashian


Hurricane dorian: im gonna get usa

north korea: Dont say sike right now

Author — CyruzCruz Gaming


Grand Bahama island got the absolute worst of it

Author — D R


It's crazy it can be so calm and nice inside such a destructive force.

Author — dub2459


When I saw the eye on radar I could only imagine now crazy the eye was

Author — It’s ya boi Chris


Imagine being able to say you were in the eye of a hurricane

Author — Danthegeordieman


Rex Tillerson (ex-CEO ExxonMobil): "Oh, people can adapt to that..."

Author — Remco Van Ek


Praying for everyone, hope you stay safe!xxx have you in my mind.❤❤❤

Author — Lily Vlogs


Need to get some high quality VR cameras in there with 360 view would be awesome

Author — Joma


I imagine that you can hear like, Angels Howling and Singing as the beauty passes over you then tossed back into terror.

Author — yeah ok