Fighting ISIS: Emmy-Nominated VICE on HBO (Full Episode)

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VICE on HBO is nominated for three Emmys in 2016, including Outstanding Informational Series or Special. For your consideration, VICE and HBO are releasing three full episodes, starting with Fighting ISIS. Fighting ISIS received two Emmy nominations, Outstanding Picture Editing and Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Non-Fiction Series.

Emmy voters can cast their ballot through August 29.

The invasion of Iraq was supposed to turn the country into a democracy that posed no threat to the United States, or the rest of the world. Thirteen years later, Iraq has collapsed into three warring states. A third of the country is controlled by ISIS, who have also taken huge amounts of territory in Syria. VICE correspondent Ben Anderson gains exclusive access to the three front lines in Iraq, where Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish forces are fighting for their lives. Anderson visits with the Russian military forces in Syria, meets captured ISIS fighters in Kurdistan, and interviews US policymakers about how the situation in Iraq spun out of control.

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videos like this is the reason I am still subscribed to vice.

Author — eberbacher007


“We are short on ammunition” 1 scene later 10 guys magdumping in a general direction

Author — halfinfected


3:36 “your question is laughable “
*3 years later* ISIS is no more lmaoo

Author — Sai Pranav


Watching in 2019. Cant believe it has been over 15 years of war.

Author — BGivka


The Kurds seem to have their heads on straight out of all the groups within the country fighting.

Author — New York


Kurdish people and their Peshmergas are the real unsung heroes. Being attacked from ISIS and Turkey aswell as threats from Iran. I really wish for them their own sovereign state of Kurdistan, they deserve it.

Author — WolfBlaz


Alright so there’s 3 major frontlines against fighting isis

Vice: we went to all of them

Author — Andres Cepeda


Would love to know why this is blocked in the UK.

Author — Dom Newman


Isis the definition of human garbage. They walked around feeling powerful and in control. Acting like gods abusing women and kids and controlling them. They murder without a second thought without mercy, They think they have a reward in paradise, Everything they do is an actual ticket to the lake of fire.

Author — Cam Bowles


"keep your head down!!!" *guy stands up straight hip firing*

Author — Wiztard


24:33 Cutest smile ever. I hope you grow up in a peace and prosperous world little angel.

Author — ジャクソンスリーマン


The guy with the LMG was spraying bullets like he was Rambo and got his head popped off

Author — Dan


Just have one question how Mr Bush get sleep with this kind of mess on his hands

Author — Vipul Shrivastava


5:50 myyy guy with that stance and the sandals lol

Author — Mr. Canaille


ISIS fighters will never go to Jannah when they die because they have clearly violated the teaching of Islam which is not to kill another innocent human being what more their Muslim brothers.

Author — Adec


45 minutes of the violence in the Middle East. Featuring videos of people actually dying.
*No Age restriction*

Some YouTuber making an edgy joke:
*Demonetized, Age restricted, removed for inappropriate content*

Author — John P


It breaks my heart every time I see the destruction in the country I grew up in and dreamt of my future life in with a house, car and whatever a normal being could expect out of life. Iraq is not any better than how it was before 2003. That war just took lives from US and Iraq and resulted in a greater injustice. Definitely do not believe the media; I lived in Baghdad and there is many religiously strict people, but there are even a lot more of us that are more open-minded, free spirited HUMANS that might be as westernised as any of y’all reading this! But the media don’t want you to be sympathetic.

Author — Ham Abdul


Man The journalist is always so Damn calm. It’s amazing.

Author — Petey B


19:22 Always fear an old man in a game that young men die in. That dude must be a ruthless killer.

Author — bobkin611


"we will reach rome" LOL not even in your dreams

Author — Penta XTP