Fighting ISIS: Emmy-Nominated VICE on HBO (Full Episode)

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VICE on HBO is nominated for three Emmys in 2016, including Outstanding Informational Series or Special. For your consideration, VICE and HBO are releasing three full episodes, starting with Fighting ISIS. Fighting ISIS received two Emmy nominations, Outstanding Picture Editing and Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Non-Fiction Series.

Emmy voters can cast their ballot through August 29.

The invasion of Iraq was supposed to turn the country into a democracy that posed no threat to the United States, or the rest of the world. Thirteen years later, Iraq has collapsed into three warring states. A third of the country is controlled by ISIS, who have also taken huge amounts of territory in Syria. VICE correspondent Ben Anderson gains exclusive access to the three front lines in Iraq, where Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish forces are fighting for their lives. Anderson visits with the Russian military forces in Syria, meets captured ISIS fighters in Kurdistan, and interviews US policymakers about how the situation in Iraq spun out of control.

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“We are just defending our land”
Less than 2 minutes later: “we won’t stop until we take over Rome”

Author — Patrick M


“We are short on ammunition” 1 scene later 10 guys magdumping in a general direction

Author — halfinfected


“We will fight to the death”

Is captured

Author — Dogma


Welcome to another episode of "where quarantine has led me today"

Author — jaymar delacruz


Watching stuff like this makes me so thankful for my spawn point in life. When and where you are born affects and dictates so much of your life.

Author — Occam3132


This is why Vice is worth more than an entire army. They go to both sides of conflict sometimes they even go smoke weed with taliban commanders just to tell us whats happening around the world. Salute!

Author — Itan


24:33 Cutest smile ever. I hope you grow up in a peace and prosperous world little angel.

Author — James Graham


So basically everything went to hell when we took out saddam

Author — steven valdez


Kurdish people and their Peshmergas are the real unsung heroes. Being attacked from ISIS and Turkey aswell as threats from Iran. I really wish for them their own sovereign state of Kurdistan, they deserve it.

Author — WolfBlaz


“We will reach rome”
Buddy.. hate to break it to you buddy but... you only made it to the grave

Author — Ellie Willow


23:19 that is the most heart wrenching thing ever

Author — Bridget Riley


19:22 Always fear an old man in a game that young men die in. That dude must be a ruthless killer.

Author — bobkin611


videos like this is the reason I am still subscribed to vice.

Author — eberbacher007


“Which religion or humanity allows this” I felt that. 🥺❤️

Author — Dionna Adebayo


3:36 “your question is laughable “
*3 years later* ISIS is no more lmaoo

Author — Sai Pranav


All the people against ISIS are so beautiful, I’m so sad that these people just want to be happy, let them be!

Author — tom


I respect Ben as a man to take time out of his life to raise awareness of whats going on around the world. I love his courage to go into battle and show what happens to the civilians during and after the destruction. Bless your heart and I love what you are doing

Author — King Kaz


Cheney is responsible for so much of this. Unbelievable hes still a free man

Author — Heater Griffin


When the man said what did we ever do to them and hide he's tears... that's a real fighting man

Author — Tenchho Faiyongsawa


These wars keep creating more wars. It's like an endless cycle of people trying to get revenge. I wish their souls and hearts could just be eased of the pain and they could have happy moments and the children were allowed to have a childhood. It's so sad.

Author — Misstux Brandi