General Election 2019: Labour and Anti-Semitism – BBC News

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The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has insisted there is no place for anti-Semitism in modern Britain and said those guilty of such racism in the Labour Party have been "brought to book". He was speaking after the Chief Rabbi accused him of allowing anti-Jewish racism to take root within Labour, and questioned his fitness to be prime minister. In an unprecedented break with convention, Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis said he felt compelled to intervene because the "very soul of our nation was at stake". The Conservative Party also came under heavy criticism today, when the Muslim Council of Britain accused it of "denial, dismissal and deceit" on the issue of Islamophobia.

Also we continue our journey around the UK and the places where seats could change hands in this General Election. Tonight we’re in the Preseli Pembrokeshire constituency in south-west Wales, which has a very small Conservative majority and is a key target seat for the Labour party.

Tonight’s coverage on the BBC News at Ten comes from Laura Kuenssberg and Clive Myrie, and is presented by Huw Edwards.

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why havent the bbc mentioned that the rabbi is a close friend of boris and hes a conservative member.?

Author — Sir skootalot


BIASED as always BBC. spitting anti labour news all day long

Author — Senbai


I'd like some actual examples of the anti-semitism that Corbyn is accused of to make an informed opinion. Is it anti-semitism or anti-Zionism that is the issue?

Author — hydra66


This same Rabi support killing of innocent Palestinian children 😠😠

Author — I'm Marc


The BBC is so biased its actually scary...

Author — Tom Pcd


Vote these lies down. Typical blue Labour using race to get there own agenda.

Author — mattius


I'm calling BS. Criticising a government is not the same as being anti-Semitic. Grow up GB

Author — hustler3of4culture3


I am in no way antisemitic but the disproportionate coverage this issue has had is scandalous.

Author — Michael Cameron


Conservatives are using the rabi to smear Corbyn

Author — R M


This story appears to be made soley to fill airtime, of course with the normal lack of concern over repercussions by the producers.

Author — DDD BBB


The criticism of the killings of human beings because they're Palestinians has become anti-semitism 😂😂😂



What BS is the bbc talking about. Criticizing a government and anti Semitism isn’t the same thing

Author — Daniel McGibbon


"They" will not, the very wealthy will never allow Corbyn to win.

Author — Richard Leighton


The political war that’s going on in England is the same political war that is going on the United States

Author — Anna Barnes


What about the austerity during the tory government for 10 years? that killed more ppl than anti semitism! Stop make those fake news, bbc... it's time to change so I'm voting labour

Author — S_K11_ the anarchist-libertarian


Boris johnson is a proud zionist as he said in the jerusalem times

Author — Rinty Mcginty


I’m sure he is ok with all the vile comments coming from Boris or the fact he was and probably is a cocain user .

Author — senghor


The encroachment of Middle Eastern politics on domestic choices is a new low for British democracy.

Author — Peregrine Slim


the chief rabbi is a emissary for Israel, nothing more

Author — Steve McQueen


I think anyone who reads un-presstituted and unbiased and professional news reports knows that there is an under-lying political agenda here.

Author — Annyai Presoski