Understanding Tulsi Gabbard: Interview March 2019

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Understanding Tulsi Gabbard: Interview March 20195

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This is absolutely the best interview with Tulsi Gabbard to date. Very well done Kim!

Author — Maoli2013


Im a libertarian, I dont agree with all of her stances BUT she is by far the most genuine and not scared to stand up to the Pentagon and warhawks. She has my vote, donating today. So glad she made it into the debates

Author — Britt j


These 2 brilliant young women give this 61 year old hippie hope...

Author — Larry Tepper


Tulsi Gabbard is such a lovable american politicion ! The USA should be proud of her ... 💖 🌹🌹🌹

Author — Nader


I think Tulsi actually brings a little sanity and class to the Democratic party.

Author — Bob Owens


I've watch every interview so far with Tulsi. This one was one of the best ones that clearly explains her views.

Author — michaelal20


I am born in 1955 and in my life time, this woman, this patriot, is the only potential candidate who meets my criterias regarding what I would hope for as President of this nation to change the system and lead us in the right directions, focus on the important issues with the right frame of mind and be a true advocate for We the People and we the humanity of the globe and for nature of the planet that is the environment all life is dependent on. She is not a bought out talking head for the olygarchs who have thus far corrupted our leadership and government to the highest bidder. Her intellect, her value systems, her experience and frame of mind adds to her overall wisdom which is exactly what our nation needs as we move forward in an era of WOE in our nation and across the globe. I view the majority of top candidates as problems to the solutions and I view Tulsi Gabbard as a solution to the problems. She is aware, she is awake, she is free thinking, critical thinking, she is profound and positive in her overall communications in all subject matters since I first became aware of her about 4 years ago. I did not celebrate the 4 th of July this year but I can celebrate my hopes that she will become a candidate and she may succeed to become the next president of our nation for the betterment of our nation and for the betterment of the conditions of the world which is influenced by our nation and our social culture. Thank you Kim for presenting her and making her known to more Americans who do need to hear her and know her.

Author — Ernesto Pediangco


Women: If you want to have a female as president this is the one.

Author — Daniel Trickey


Tulsi Gabbard is how a true American President should sound like! So well spoken, dignified and INTELLIGENT! A dream come true! She has my vote!!

Author — sciencerulez3 angel


I just donated to Tulsi campaign, my best decision in a long time; so proud of her.

Author — Everett Meng


Whether or not you like Tulsi, this is what journalism should look like. Thanks Kim!

Author — Agrias414


Tulsi's past accomplishment makes AOC and Omar look like children who found Golden Tickets in candy store.

Author — C Stealth


Her meetings with dictators are the example of what the leader and congressperson should do - negotiation.

Author — Buddhi Dev


She sure is dynamic, thoughtful, humanitarian, down to earth, .a gift to the sure she'll go places...social responsibility is one of the most importtant quality of a true

Author — Manjula Adappa


This woman wiped the floor with Kamala - imagine what her truth-bombs would do to Trump. #Gabbard2020 BUMP this video with some love, y'all!

Author — Devin McDonnell


I just made a donation so Tulsi's message can reach more people.

Author — E MC2


Tulsi G. Is too perfect, and Washington is not ready for her.

Author — S. Lopez


FINALLY, a politician addressing the issue of agriculture on the environment as well as every other on point stances she takes!

Author — Denise Dubé


I really, really hope & pray that she wins. This right here is who demonstrates what a Commander In Chief should be.

Author — Nubia Benavides


We need both Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang in the White House!

Author — Jpop Jr