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Over the last few weeks, tensions have been rising between Armenia and Azerbaijan with both sides firing missiles at one another. This is all over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh and it's an issue which goes back decades. In this video we explain the history of the dispute, the current situation and if a ceasefire can really work.

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4 - de Waal, Thomas (2003). Black Garden: Armenia and Azerbaijan Through Peace and War. New York: New York University Press. p286

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I don’t care who narrates these. Big fan overall

Author — Larry Johnson


I'm here after seeing the new system of the down song.

Author — Anthony Lopez


I came down here to see the controversy, not to see comments of people praising his voice, but OK I guess

Author — Juan Bianchi


lots of things factually wrong with this.

Author — Fred Mason


Nothing wrong with your voice I've enjoyed listening carry on the good work, thanks

Author — Arsvik Hakhnazarian


Voice is fine, tempo is bit high but I don't mind. The acoustics are bad though. Just improve the recording setup and you are golden. See ya.

Author — souldrainer8


For the first time the US doesn’t feel like interfering.... never thought I’d see this😂

Author — H A


World dont need UN after ending this conflict..UN is a poopyheadache

Author — BATSOUP. 2020


I am indifferent on who narrates, but you did great, friend.

Author — Lawyer Dog


And that proves once again that we don't learn from our own history...

Author — Gabriel P


I hope this conflict will be resolved soon.

Author — Music Lover


Voice is fine, the content is biased towards Armenia, not stating various other factors, reasons for Russia staying out, Iran acting the way it does and so on. Same as usual, great work.

Author — Ali Hasan Abdullah


The voice is great, need a bit of sound insulation and just talk a little slower, take your time

Author — M Habib


Dude, nothing wrong with your voice!!
Love your sign off "Yeah, see ya"

Author — Dev Chatterjee


I've never heard a more insecure person giving quite a good lecture.

Author — Asidey


Situation: Conflict, war victims
Comments: Voice is amazing

Author — JNostro


The irony in mispronouncing "pronunciation"

Author — Tony Hart


Man talks about the war the comments: your voice is good

Author — ilni


I love the nonchalant sign-off “yeah, see ya”

Author — Ilse Hoberman


Your voice is fine. It gives a counter point to the other guy's higher pitch.

Author — confusedwhale