Maria Callas 1965 'Oh Mio Babbino Caro'

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the famous aria from Puccini's Gianni Schicchi.

Not only do I collect rare and wonderful recordings, but I also create videos about the craft of violin playing, as well as my own performance.

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Amo de paixão Maria Callas, sofreu essa prima Donna, por quem nunca chegou aos seus pés, um cara tão pobre, mas tão pobre, que a única coisa que tinha era muito, muito dinheiro!!!!

Author — sidney si


Agua clara...Q voz

Oh mi papito querido
Me gusta, es bello, bello
¡Iré a la Puerta Roja
a comprar el anillo!
¡Sí, sí, allí quiero ir!
¡Y si le amase en vano,
iría sobre el Puente Viejo
pero para arrojarme al Arno!
¡Me angustio y me atormento!
¡Oh Dios, quisiera morir!
¡Papá, piedad, piedad!
¡Papá, piedad, piedad!

Author — TNG tanger


The best version by far! Unmatched powerful and rich voice and you can really feel the emotion. Nobody does it like Maria Callas! 

Author — Dutchmusicfan1992


After 35 years of watching and listening to this aria, Ms. Callas brings tears to my eyes every

Author — Christopher Durham


She is so beautiful. Her voice cannot be described by mere words.

Author — Prided Wrath


this is THE woman, she has THE voice....enough said!

Author — Malefizia


O Youtube é uma das maiores invenções deste século para os amantes da música, como eu!

Author — Você gostou?


This is one of the few things that can make me cry like a little girl. It sounds like she would genuinely throw herself into a river

Author — Hans M


I feel like this piece was written for her voice. She sings it with ease and puts so much emotions in it, just beautiful.

Author — Sarah Michaelis


This is so beautiful Maria Callas owned this song and my tears are flowing at its beauty.

Author — Shawn Plus One


"I would rather have two years as Maria Callas than a lifetime as anyone else"  Beverly Sills

Author — A Real Crowd Pleaser


when she sang "oh god i wish i could die", i cried, i could feel the sad emotion through her song, wow..

Author — Manelia Ayesha


THE one and only DIVA. There is no one to compare her to. The

Author — oldcrapper


WOW Maria Callas is Maria Callas, no one can sing like her. She expresses so much with her voice and face expressions, I can feel the suffering

Author — Shantal Delgado



Author — джордик джо


What a talent Maria Callas was.  Whether you like her voice or not (I know some people don't), you have to admit that she can really perform; the way she draws you into the aria is just amazing.  And what a beauty she was too.  

Author — Marlena DM


Mi madre fallecida recientemente, escuchaba tu musica una y otra vez y se emocionaba. Ahora te escucho yo, me emociono tambien y recuerdo a mi madre. ¡ Gracias Maria por tu musica y por  la felicidad que le diste a mi mama !

Author — Eduardo Gruz


I really love it how she not only gets really into it vocally but also physically with her facial expressions.

Author — Katie Burak


Such a tragic life towards the end of her last few years, (I was just reading her wiki page) But I can agree she was masterful at what she did. Her voice is superb!!! None could or can compare to her.  

Author — Platonic Purple Panda


I get chills everytime I listen to this

Author — wizardari