Hannity: FBI plotted to destroy President Trump

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NYT: FBI opened inquiry into whether Trump was secretly working on behalf of Russia; was this retaliation for James Comey's firing? #Hannity #FoxNews

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Government is completely corrupt! Too much power. They go in and come out millionaires. Term limits ... in for 2 terms ... move up or get out.

Author — Bass Dojo


And we can't even check to see if the congressmen took reimbursements or paid for vacation by lobbyists in Puerto Rico because Congress is exempt from FOIA . Imagine that and they voted for it themselves!

Author — Jenn Mills


How many separate investigations is trump the focus of? 17.
Brought by:

Special Counsel
US Attorney for the Southern District of New York
US Attorney for the District of Columbia
US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia

Author — you6382tube


8:10 - "We see the talking point of the Democratic party regurgitated by the media."

Author — Jason Roth


Its so far pst what Watergate was its completely treasonous seditious and these FBI CIA top officials need arrested now they are destroying America.

Author — kerry the truth


Well Sean, look at it this way: They are stranded on an island with Cortez.

Author — 42awww


Above the law, but nobody gets by God almighty

Author — John Johnny


None of this can be done without a complicit, corrupt media . these people are criminals

Author — David WGAF


Remember, Scamming Insanity Hannity once declared that coffee makers were russian NRA spies that needed to be destroyed and ran away screaming from Keurig machines because he thought they were spying on him for refusing to air ads for him anymore left with hundreds of dollars poorer.

Author — Alakash


Isn't an internal coup against the USA illegal?

Author — PowerTuber 3.0


Why aren’t the ex-top echelon of the FBI and DoJ standing in front of a military tribunal for sedition/ treason????

Author — Joe Soap


Why was the FBI allowed to continue after it's initial "use?" Worthless.

Author — kasanza



Author — 1022rebelreddog


I’ve never seen Hannity so adrenaline rushed and stressed.

Author — AW 08


And who did the FBI take their orders from exactly, understatement

Author — dee76


We are in sore need of a "Night of the Long Knives" to purge the DOJ, FBI, the deep state, and the mainstream media in this country.

Author — Peter Macander


“Deep State” is about to get desperate... Stay tuned people.

Author — Stephen LeBlanc


ABC said "It would be anti-climatic." So does that mean that the Mueller probe decimates the Climate Change agenda too?

Author — Mark Henri


Fire everyone in the FBI in Washington, and get your lawyers and operators out of the JAG office.

Author — Why Me


The FBI is protecting us from, "ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC..."

Author — Ron Southwick