Mueller is investigating the Trump money trail

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Mueller is investigating the Trump money trail3.5
Federal investigators exploring whether Donald Trump's campaign colluded with Russian spies have seized on Trump and his associates' financial ties to Russia as one of the most fertile avenues for moving their probe forward, according to people familiar with the investigation.

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If the President can't tell the truth about something as simple as a phone call, what makes people believe he is honest about more serious matters?

Author — Red Hinkle


If Russia is a hoax, then Donald has nothing to fear.

...What's that? He's afraid? Oh right then yeah he's totally guilty.

Author — Ashley Davies


Yes, AshHat! Everybody believes it! Even the ones who deny it!

Author — Just Me


Yes, we believe it you 71 year old man baby! We know you are playing the shell company game and your money comes from Russia! You fake buffoon!

Author — Rob M


I always say follow the money. Everything he has accused Hillary of doing he has done.

Author — Kimberly Rowden


He bought the Electoral College votes ! Congress should investigate that ! Real news ! Fake president !

Author — Gene Green


His childrens may have interest in Russia. Everythings may be in the names of his children not in daddy trump name.

Author — kvdgadj


thanks CNN. keep reporting this traitor until he is gone.

Author — mymovetube


The only truth is everything TRUMP says is a lie.

Author — David Jacquez


America! The best drama series ever, airing on CNN, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! New tweets every day with political bounds and democracy being pushed to it's limits! Don't miss out!

Author — Shiro Lee


He was supposed to investigate on Russia involvement in election only

Author — Olympics Gold Medalist Night King


Trump is going to stick with the silly "No financial ties to Russia" defence. Mueller's job will be easy.

Author — Chris Ashcroft


hahaha! Capitalism at its best! Lie, cheat and steal, the "conservative" way - hahahaha

Author — DigitalCTZN


We need to stop entertaining intellectual curiosity items about this guy and hold him to account for doing everything from obstructing investigations to enriching himself by refusing to divest interests. His henchmen keep trying to normalize the abnormality of his behavior. Nothing about his time in office has been normal and nothing about him has changed. He is grossly incompetent and proves it daily. He is using the office to enrich himself and his spawn, and proves it daily.

Author — John Townsend


The Russian mob laundered money on Trumps properties, he made money from them! That is what the investigation has always been about! Why do you think Trump has been defending Putin? Trump's the witch they've been hunting!

Author — Kevin Gonzales


but donald, you're simply a liar. why would anyone believe you. 3000 attorneys and fbi agents - if there is anything there, they will find it.

Author — Steve Smith


Trump and his supporters are so afraid of what Mueller will uncover.

Author — Mr. Smug


The orange fellow does not know how to tell the truth and I cannot wait until he is arrested, impeached, and jailed. I hope he lies in from top the grand jury and this does him in. All of those people look like puppets. High paid puppets.

Author — Marshall X


Its funny that this narcissistic pig who used to do business wih the Genovese family just dont get it that nobody...except brainless deplorables - believes anything this oranghutan is saying...

Author — Tony Montana


Why won't Trump hold a press conference and answer questions?? What is he afraid of???  He's a liar and EVERYONE knows it!!!

Author — Tim Burns