Explosive Bat in Slow Motion - Smarter Every Day 245

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💬 Comments on the video

The retention of that striker piece is the most impressive part. Can't believe decelerating that thing is possible without everything tearing itself to pieces.

Author — NightHawkInLight


Destin: almost destroys Shane’s drone
Destin: laughs madly
Shane: laughs nervously

Author — Jack P.


"I like being the dumbest guy in the room, and I feel like that right now."
- Destin Sandlin, (aerospace engineer and actual rocket scientist)

Author — Herman Von Petri


"what's your guess on that velocity?"
"are you serious?"
"why do you think that?"
"because that's what I calculated it at from other stuff"

Author — trevor welch


My heart is so full of joy that SmarterEveryDay has recognized Shane and his channel Stuff Made Here! Shane is a genius and deserves to be up there with Dustin and Mark. Let’s get him there!!

Author — RealGoose


This made me remember a quote my middle school teacher used to say "When two smart people meet, they say that the other one is smarter then themselves. When two stupid people meet, they argue that they are smarter than the other."

Author — Nipun Bhalla


When you tell a nerd that he can’t hit a home run



You can hear the shock in Destin's voice at 7:15 when he asks Shane what he guesses the velocity is; "Why do you think that?"
Like he's almost scared that Shane was so close to the actual number lmfao

Author — Vander Karl


That is the most epic engineer quote ever: "when you can't afford them, you gotta build them"

Author — Kieran Whittemore


The most important thing is the humility these guys have even after having so much knowledge and expertise.
I love it.

Author — Utkarsh Rajguru


10:32 imagine getting kidnapped by the smartest Kids in class and they say "pull out the rocket-Bat"

Author — a guy


"It's intoxicating power"

First we claim the homerun distance record, then we claim the world!

Author — Joe 24ever


Shane's entire demeanor screams engineer, where Dustin's energy is pure science educator, love it!

Author — xXPORTALXx


"what do you think that velocity is?"
"its 133"

Author — sscswimmer1


I found Shane's channel about three weeks ago and thought, "I think I've found the smartest guy on the internet...and that's saying something."

Author — Dash cams and motorcycles


"Engineering smarts" + "swinging a baseball bat ability" = 0.

Everything evens out in the end.

Author — caernavon


Perhaps have the drone over the suspected landing area?
Maybe paint the ball so it stands out?
Frankenstein the ball with a GPS tracker inside it?

Author — Timothy Weessies


Today I learned Shane is his name.

I can finally stop calling him "Guy"

Author — inoob26


2:32 “when you can’t afford something you have to build it” 👌

Author — Funtaf


11:36 You can apply that same concept to trying to jump as high as possible on a trampoline. You want to to straighten our your legs at the same time that the trampoline fabric straightens out to go higher on your jump.

Author — Ben