Do You Like 'Exotic' Winter? More And More Tourists Visit Russia’s Frozen Yakutia! -76°F / -60°C!

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One full day in Yakutsk, the world’s coldest city. Experience extremely cold weather, authentic culture, mammoth-aged animals, delicious national food, blue-eyed Yakutian sled dogs, snowmobile ride… Everything that Yakutsk is remarkable for.
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long live to Mother Russia and to Putin!

Author — luca castellaro


I like Russia and Putin, but I'm from Canada … I want some place warm to go.

Author — Brian Kerr


nature blessed country russia
love russia and putin

Author — Sv Rakesh


Sliding around in the store. Haha. That's awesome! I lost it laughing hard there. Sledding in ice caves. That's just sweeter than applesauce!
I *love* this video.
Thank you *so* much for sharing.
From one frozen tundra in Michigan USA to another.

Author — Eluwenie Stargazer


That looks fabulous ... good luck to all the Yakutians in attracting a greater share of the tourism business! Once people realise how truly fabulous the Russian people are the world will be a better place :-)

Author — Kit Carr


Such a beautiful place & with beautiful people...



-60 The forest is buzzing, it is heard so ominously. The trunks are cracked creating general noise, hum.

Author — Ух-ты Фига Себе


I'm an Australian and we don't like the cold, that said my city had a record 46, 2 degree Celsius the other day. It went higher in some unofficial readings, over 47C. Those days i could've handled some cold

Author — Antipodean33


I would be the kind of person to visit countries in winter, because in my own country winter is becoming more and more rare.

Though this is a bit extreme, eh you never know. Maybe :)

Author — Ahlyae


at our school, at -51 degrees, the lower grades (1-5 class) stay at home, and at -56, the upper grades (5-11 class) students always walk xD
(I remember once I froze my eyes at -61)
Hello from Yakutia

Author — Андрей Портнягин


Postavte laik, pust' podumaut chto ya chto to godnoe napisal:)

Author — Денис ORMOND


“Extreme weather conditions” nuff said

Author — MrZapparin


Last term I studied about cold environments in geography which we studied Alaska, and now I'm asking why Alaska and not this?!?

Author — Cosmonaut JP


Amazing people, beautiful country - all the best to the people out there - with love from Austria

Author — Ernest Jauk


this is about tourism.
WHY is the narrator sounding like he is going to war???

Author — micheal bolton


ahh hell naw, if im ever going to visit Russia its in the summer days of July and August, friggin hate the cold

Author — Nekminute


I love winter ... Russia is amazing country awesome

Author — Anna Rimovska


Господин Президент Путин, позвоните мне, чтобы встретиться с Россией, я говорю, что приму запрос в любое время. Спасибо большое Отличное видео, поздравляю 🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Author — Dominique Silva Neves


This is where i belong, i wish i could just go to and stay in Siberia, or somewhere that is very cold and has less people per square km.

Author — Vector Sentinel


roflan, Yakutia is like something from fantasy tales. One of the most unique places on planet earth.

Author — UniDeathRaven