Coronavirus: Mortality rate in India 'could be much higher' - BBC News

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India has the world’s fourth highest number of coronavirus cases with more than 400,000 infections and more than 13,000 deaths — despite a harsh lockdown that lasted months.
Frontline workers, however, have told the BBC there has been underreporting of deaths in the country and the real number could be much higher, raising serious questions about the relatively lower mortality rate in India, as reflected in official numbers.
The BBC's correspondent, Yogita Limaye reports.

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No country is telling the truth on how many deaths are covid

Author — Lorena Ann Hepworth


Hope the bbc donate add money to charity !!!

Author — greengrass


Are you telling me than Indias death rate that's lower than any western european country isn't right?

Author — paco ramon


The BBC is just not happy that UK had 50k deaths (a population 6% that of India's ) !

So they have to do everything possible to show India in bad light !

Author — Karma81


Report on Yemen and the sale of £4.5b worth of arms to the Saudi's from the British goverment.

Author — Richard R


Cancel your TV license and starve the beast that is the BBC.

Author — T D


There was a video last week, a Delhi Municipal Council admitted the number of dead bodies they buried at least double the number of reported dead. So looks like this BBC reporting is also true.

Author — Larry Wu


I'm appalled and sickened that people should lose their lives this way. Abandoned and lied to by their government. Dead bodies hidden, risks ignored, severe underreporting, overwhelmed medical staff.

Oh sorry, this was meant to be on Boris' video where the comments are always turned off.

Author — Ollie


BBC focused on Kerela (current govt is not BJP) when it had very low deaths. (Good!)
But won't focus on Assam (current govt is BJP) which still has its total death count in single digit.
Because doesn't suit their agenda!

Author — Sankarshan Debnath


Why were the comments disabled on the last video?

Author — Johnny Caruthers


they take urine as treatment to cure coronavirus

Author — bbqbeef


Could be? It definitely is much higher! India has lots of people, living so close to each others, and there are so many problems with the hygene...

Author — CBOY


Fear of the government
Has your government heard of Chinese government

Author — Numan M. Yass


a covid dead body was found in a toilet in Gujarat hospital

Author — aboobacker siddique


I was wondering why BBC didn't post a negative false news this time. then saw thiis!

Author — Mithun Nambiar


Couldn't of happened at a worse time with the dispute with China they're having atm, *why haven't the BBC reported about that?*

Author — Goat Man


Could be would be should be that’s all the news ever says

Author — Toni Ukeasy


Obvious. How can it be lower than UK death figures.

Author — d'joy S


Uk find something that can help please try it

Author — Val Val


India under reporting and lied on the number of cases and death.

Author — Di Horse