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Day 25... Tension shifting.

The knot/tension in my back that I have been struggling with was so low today that I actually felt a new tension spot on the other side. I also was able to get my pelvis to relax more today as well.

One thing I have neglected to talk about because if has come down by the time I write is my heart rate. Now that I am getting more proficient at the sun worship my heart rate is getting up there. I never associated yoga and elevated heart rate before so that has been interesting.

Today I was able to share my practice with my wife over video chat again (she is in Taiwan and I am in Canada) which was very nice.

I am still struggling with the focused breathing at the end. Will keep practicing.

Thank you for how far I have come. I feel like my hips are on the verge of a major transformation or something.

Author — Chad Exley


Day 23... Tension shifted today!

During the Fish pose I have been putting all of my weight on my head and my hips - nothing on my elbows after I am in the position. This is an amazing stretch for my lower back right where the worst knot/tension is. I then try to relax all other muscles in the body and breathe fully. Today when I did all this there was a sort of a shift where the tension was and all of a sudden I felt fully relaxed (I am almost positive I am not but the relief made it feel that way.

My hips and pelvis are slowly opening up as well.

Funny I had a thought today that before I decided to do this at home I was going to join a Monday Night Men’s Yoga class in my town. Knowing me I would then, most likely, not practice at home so even if I did 23 weeks like that I don’t think that I would have had all the profound experiences that I am having this way.

I am proud that I keep showing up and I am super grateful of this practice and it’s part in my healing. Thank you.

Author — Chad Exley


Yoga has been hijacked by white soccer mom instructors who love to talk. So great to see something as pure as this

Author — Sophia Miaow


Day 6... Wow!!!!

So even before I did today’s practice (in the afternoon), I woke up early in the morning and felt motivated to just move around my bed and stretch by being mindful of my tense spots...

(As I am writing this I can hear outside, what sounds like, baby birds in a nest. I live in New Brunswick and there is at least a foot of snow on the ground so this sound seems fascinating to me - and not something I usually notice. Almost like I am a baby bird too!!!)

Anyway, after doing all the stretches in the bed I laid on my back with my lower back full of tension as discussed in previous days. But all of a sudden there was (not sure how to describe this) a “shift”... as though the knot in my back jumped OVER my spine - towards my belly button - and all of a sudden my back was relaxed and all tension was gone!!! I have never experienced anything like that before and I just laid there in awe and appreciation of what had just happened.

From there my day was very quite stressful as I am on day 17 of voluntary self-isolation after arriving back from Taiwan. My wife and our 11-year old daughter are still there. News came down today that the first Taiwan death took place in the same city they are in. Difficult decisions about what to do as a family next.

I am guessing that stress was not good as my lower back was completely almost seized before my practice so my expectations of what I would accomplish was very low.

Perhaps low expectations are the key as my flexibility was astounding!!! Leaning forward on my right leg I almost touched my toe, my left I almost held my toe and both legs forward I also touched my toes!!! If you read day 1 I did not even feel I moved from the sitting position so this was massive for me.

I was much more relaxed through many of the poses, I am breathing more easily and I can now actually see a full lotus in my very near future.

I am so grateful of this practice. I truly feel I am taking charge of my own healing. Even when I lay on my back it is though my pelvis has rotated down so that I am more on my buttocks than my tailbone. My body is slowly being transformed.

Thank you so much!!!

Author — Chad Exley


This is the best video of the whole youtube collection ..it is so pure, every single statement is so valid and informative..it explains everything with utmost simplicity..I fear the amateurs wearing again pants with half knowledge

Author — the doctor chants 00


Wonderful class!!! Wish I could find more like this for all the different yoga styles 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Author — Ana Belen Montoya Manjarrez


Day 9.... Today felt more relaxed in my breath but was more challenging concentration wise.

Part of it was my preoccupation with the body odour emanating from me. I am not one to sweat very much or have noticeable body odour so my assumption is that I am detoxing or releasing something from my body.

During the first 6 or 7 days the flatulence between practices was very prominent. That part has calmed down and I feel much less bloated... this appears to be making it easier when doing the head to knee poses which are getting deeper and more relaxed all the time.

Although there is still a lot of pain and tension in my lower back & hips I definitely feel more sturdy in that area even when I walk.

When doing the long relaxation on my back, the spot on my lower back above my right buttock was so relaxed that it actually exposed how tense the left side was (before then I assumed it was

I am feeling very grateful for this practice and interested what is in store tomorrow.

Thank you.

Author — Chad Exley


It's a shame that yoga videos have to include medical disclaimers. Medical places and videos should include yogic disclaimers, like "medicine can not substitute for your regular yoga practise." or "Next time practise your yoga so you don't even end up here". :)

Author — Fleisch Berg


That modern yoga lost along the way the spiritual side. That is gym.

Author — a b


I lived 20yrs in India and learned hatha yoga, one on one with my yoga guru for the last 5 yrs i lived there, i am now 66 and still do my hatha yoga 6 days a week, one day for rest! This man is a very good teacher! So similar to my own teacher. Om Nam Shivaya!

Author — steve brindle


Day 3... Today felt like I was more present yet less relaxed. I am very grateful for taking me on this journey. The eye exercises seem to be making my eyesight clearer. I really struggle with the lotus position. It feels a very long ways away. I will simply keep practicing and doing my best. 🙏🏼

Author — Chad Exley


Day 27... Frustration sets in!

The tension throughout my lower back/hips/pelvis really frustrated me today... it feels like the tension has increased again.

Tomorrow is a moon day break for me which seems well-timed.

I so look forward to being pain and tension free.

Thank you for this practice.

Author — Chad Exley


I'm so grateful I found this🌺

I'm a beginner

Author — Kat's Portal


Day 5... what an incredible day! The muscles in my back are still very tense but trusting me more. I was actually able to go from the laying position to the seated position without forcing or lifting my feet!!!! That is massive for me as this is something I have always struggled with trying to do sit-ups or any other exercise like that. My lotus position is still very far away but it has come so far... and I held it through right thru the end breathing and chanting (the other days I came out of lotus about 1/2 way).

Thank you so much for this. I feel like I am learning how to heal myself.

Oh, and the other thing is that in between practices I have lots of flatulence which must be pent up gas as I am eating very lightly and does not seem to be food induced. I feel much less bloated which also is making it easier to bend forward in the seated position (still not getting very far but every millimeter feels freeing!)

I may do the practice twice today as this is as early as I finished.

My gratitude is huge. Thank you.

Author — Chad Exley


How can we consult our doctors before practice when maximum doctors knows nothing about yoga!



Taking a break was good!

So taking the moon day off yesterday was great on so many levels. In reflecting on my pain and the “shifting” that appears to be happening in my lower back it appears I may have a herniated disc.

I don’t believe I got the herniated disc from the yoga practice but “flexion” is not good with that condition as it exacerbates it which would explain why all the forward bending stuff has been such a challenge and why fish pose, locust & bow seem bring relief.

I am very grateful for this practice as I am learning a lot about my body. I am going to take a break from this routine and focus on more “extension” poses.

Thank you so much for helping me learn how to heal myself.

Author — Chad Exley


I will try some of it. I'm not sure I'm level 1 though, maybe Level 0. I've been practising some yoga for a few weeks but I find it difficult to flex at the hips. I thought it was my hamstrings that needed 'flexibility', my knees want to bend and bow out...but I am curious of 2 things: Is it hip mobility that allows for isolated poses (or abs?) and 2, when I sweat or feel a brick-like feeling in my head, does it mean I am straining too much?
I'd love to feel the relaxation that people speak of but much of it feels like I'm locked up all over.

Author — J S


Day 11... My lotus seemed to pop open today! Still a long way to go but I can literally feel my body shifting as my ability to let go and relax increases.

I am just full of gratitude for my journey of healing that I have to give full credit to this practice. My back is still super tense and painful but I can slowly feel it chipping away.

Thank you very much!

Author — Chad Exley


Hola, por favor, se podrían agregar los subtítulos en español. Muchas gracias

Author — Graciela Castellano


This is the only real yoga class for beginner on youtube that is perfect, it consider also relaxation and compassion, the breath and the mind and mantras. Thank you very much for sharing this class. I hope I will have a deeper experience maybe one day in India, but for now this class is the best I could ever immagine!

Author — Lovely Warrior