QUEEN: Tour Preparation / News of The World (1977)

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QUEEN: Tour Preparation / News of The World (1977)5
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VIDEO INFO: Rare footage, some of which only emerged last year filmed by the BBC in 1977 during the rehearsals and early dates of the US leg of the 'News Of the World' album - featuring the BBC's 'Whispering' Bob Harris; rebroadcast last year to coincide with its 40th anniversary.

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1:05 Freddie wanna be drummer - so cute!!!

Author — Marie Grimes


“Whats the point of saying We will rock you after we had rocked them”

-Freddie Mercury

Author — Baltpit 243


roger: ''you can play ur own bloody drums then.''
freddie: ''hold my mic.''

Author — some short asian


Wow Freddie on drums and Roger with the Red Special.

Author — christopherwv1977


Freddie on the drums and Roger playing the red special. That was a surprise.

Author — David Aikman


Mercury is aways exciting to watch.
Never a dull moment.

Author — Fred addict


these men are genius, its adorable how they overthink on every little detail about their work and how they care about not only their songs but also their performance and reflection on stage. blessed with true talent, gifted four legends. ♥️

Author — anne richard


These old interviews are just the best. They make me admire the band even more. Brian May is so well spoken.

Author — Frith Barbat


Freddie drumming and Rog playing the Red Special is what I live for

Author — Rogah Taylah's Sticks


8:22 Roger losing one of his drum sticks and quickly getting his back-up. Wow.

Author — louise balbin


There's no point of saying we will rock you when we've rocked them..

Freddie MERCURY I LAAAAV YOU 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜

Author — Ella la


Great rock version; love it and you hear Roger singing, love that voice too

Author — Connie T


It's Late is one of their most underrated songs. Heavy AF

Author — TheWheel Me


Brian is such an amazing person. You can tell by the way he talks that he’s very smart but gentle and soft spoken😂❤️

Author — Emmalyn Westrick


Brian May is the reincarnation of Sir Isaac Newton.

Author — mother66


1:04 is me whenever I see a drum set and attempt to play.

Author — Alicia Lewis


Omg, they will never be another sexy, talented, hot, beautiful man like Freddie, oh gosh, ❤, I'm so obsessed with him😂😍 😋

Author — red fresa


Brian May is an intelligent gentleman !!!!

Author — Kumiko Wetter


funny to see them switching instruments...and Freddie behind drums.

Author — ilde 6063


This band worked, , because they where great friends, like brothers, ( band brothers) they seamed to get along well, loved and respected each other, not to mention they where extramly talented! Freddy was lucky to have them stick by him till the end..

Author — annie H.