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DPHQ2 Trick Shots | Dude Perfect5
It’s time to unveil our BRAND NEW OFFICE!

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anybody watching this in September 2019 ?

like if you are

Author — Nachiket Dandegaonkar


Yoy guys need a zpline, pool, and trampoline park

Like if here in 2019

Author — Penguin Playz


what a life these guys are living. if you agree, like!

Author — Code Geek


Whos here after they revealed their gaming room

Author — Kishan Amin


You guys need a trampoline area, foam pit and a swimming pool
Like if you agree!!

Author — Hersh Shah


They need to do an airsoft course on the roof and more airsoft vids and also who else here September 2019🇺🇸

Author — Austin Hunsaker


Ad a rugby pitch out the back and make a dp team and make a public team so we can meet you pls

Author — Freddie Lees


Everyone else: welcome to my office
Garrett: *chad why are you in my office*

Author — Qwer Gaming


A spa area Maybe cause after all of that hard work on trick shots you need a relax area place right?

Author — YaBoiMan Dude


You guys should get an indoor baseball field and gun range

Author — Klay Rhodes


I think to myself after watching this video


Author — King Kookie


1:25 if you look to the left of Tyler you will see the name Jeff toney maybe panda secret identity like if u agree

Author — Muhammad jawad


Dear DudePerfect when will you face reveal the panda just saying all am saying who is Jeff toney and is that the panda just saying when ever you can

Author — Kaden the Boiii


You should have a trampoline park

Like to agree

Author — Randomized Gaming


A cinema, a swimming pool and a mini trampoline park😂
Like if you are agree

👇👍🏻 if you are watching in 2019

Author — Twan van der Leest


And overtime desk (if you are watching in 2019 you know what I mean)

Author — Oscar Azoor


i know who is the panda- jeff toney ....3:29
those who don't

Author — Yash Joshi


3:38 when you are sponsored by Chelsea, but in reality you are ManU fan

Author — znawca muzy


Video games area and I am a huge fan of dude perfect when can I be on your videos

Author — John Roche


Panda was garret because pands was using a lefty stick in the hockey shot and he is usually righty

Author — Dylan Sontz