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The top 10 worst scandals in presidential history. #TheDailyShow

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Boy, I miss the days when the president’s biggest scandals were this trivial.

Author — KeitieKalopsia


Obama: *drinks some water*

Fox News: He doesn't care about the drought in the desert. He's selfish.

Author — Cherwin Dale Eguez


the good old days when people had to find ways to pick on the president

Author — GamerGom


Obama: Eats burger with his mustard preference
Some American: Unacceptable!

Donald Trump: Eats Pizza with fork
Some American: Understandable, Have a great day

Author — Fluxed


Does anyone else just lose even more respect for Fox News that they never had

Author — Nightmare Gaming


Obama: breaths
Fox News: Look at him stealing air from struggling americans!

Author — Daria Cobb


I think when they say “unpresidential” they mean “not white.”

Author — Ronnie


They’re mad Obama went on a date with his wife during a war when trump is golfing during a pandemic that’s killed more people than all the wars during Obama’s administration

Author — Ronnie


So can we just admit it's cause he was black coz seriously

Author — Jason Marshal


obama: takes selfies with a selfie stick just to be funny.

trump: tweets all the time making fun of various people and mocking them.

Author — Sazzi og


This is actually funny to see people rage over such stupid things.

Author — Milosz Baldyga


I have genuine hate for Fox News at this point.

Author — Swaroop Ajit


If these are "scandals", then what trump does are crimes! Yes fricking crimes
Like seriously they are discussing about burgers, WTF?

Author — kavya reddy


As someone who nearly died as a child in a bike riding accident- my life was saved by a helmet- I was thrilled to see him wear that helmet.

Author — The Crafty Cyborg


What the heck is wrong with a president riding a bike with helmet on?

Author — The Scientific Person


it’s funny how they attack obama for loving his wife, respecting other cultures, not liking ketchup, trying popular new products, wearing a tan suit, caring about bike safety etc. but when trump mocks women, people with disabilities, takes million dollar golfing trips at least once every two weeks, and lets foreign governments interfere with our elections it’s totally fine.

Author — lauren harris


And now our president is calling fallen vets losers and suckers🤦🏾‍♂️

Author — Rodney Kim


Funny how they complain about the Obama's date night but never mention the cost to taxpayers every time trump golfs at 1 of his resorts..so far it's cost over $130, 000, 000.00 for his golf outings and the taxpayer is paying for it..

Author — Laur Pellett


This media coverage is shameful, when you can't find anything wrong, you do this

Author — spectre


Obama: *exists*
Fox News: oh no he didn't, how dare he take up valuable land space from struggling people!

Author — Emilius73