The new green superpower? Oil giant Kazakhstan tries to wean itself off the black stuff

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The new green superpower? Oil giant Kazakhstan tries to wean itself off the black stuff4.5
Kazakhstan is rich with oil, gas and coal but Nursultan Nazarbayev, its president for life, has committed the country to a dramatic shift from fossil fuels to green energy. Is this huge nation, which is beset by rural poverty, major infrastructure challenges and environmental crises, able to realise his vision? Phoebe Greenwood travels to  the Kazakh capital, Astana, and the Aral Sea region

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Kazakhstan looks like a post apocalyptic modern world in the movies.

Author — Tahidul Islam


It's stressed a right point here in the video, that a financial flow is mostly funneled in one single place that is Astana. If you take a step outwards Astana, it will all appear pretty much different. Not necessarily such extreme life as shown here, but still people struggle a lot. Astana has always been a showcase, a bling-bling that has nothing to do with the image of the rest of Kazakhstan. And all those talks about a drastic shift towards green energy and everything progressive leaves me sceptical since it's their usual battle cry. I'm saying this as a person who lived in Kazakhstan for 18 years.

Author — Stanislav


Kazakhstan is my home for a couple of years, I worked in Almaty as a teacher. I visited Astana, Shymkent, Taraz and their version of Vegas, Kapchagay. The country has a vast natural resources, marvelous landscape, amazing scenery and great friendly people. You do not need to go further in order to see the other side of the coin, in the outskirts of both Almaty and Astana, you can find villages wherein roads are not paved and without good supply of drinking water. There are many things that need to be done in order for most of the people to feel and see that their economy and govt is truly working for them.

Author — mark lester cabling


Kazakhstan is dying from corruption and dictator president who sucks the country dry like a leech. The guardian should make a story about that

Author — Nikita Chumakov


"Kazakhstan is like a democracy that has elected the same President for almost 3 decades"
so... NOT a Democracy at all, got it!

Author — Willskull


Biggest part of Astana city uses coal for their houses. We have air pollution. Every morning our city like in fog. How can we talk about green technologies? We have no any changes after EXPO 2017...

Author — Братишка Олимпийский Мишка


Nazarbayev and his family are thiefs. They robbed our nation and took our happiness away. We are barely make a living.

Author — Arsen Dzhaparov


President have been made very rich but not citizens

Author — Дмитрий Иванов


The heart of TURKİC WORLD, in fact cCc

Author — Penah İbrahimbeyli


Astana is a much better version of Pyongyang. it's a compliment.

Author — 台灣友邦計數器


It's time America liberated Kazakhstan from its oil wealth.

Author — Pope King


Another autocrat wasting other peoples money.
That's all that's going on here.

Author — S K


Kazakhistan is developed but only in major cities.go out of cities and u will see poverty

Author — Aamir Kothia


This place is surfing the wave of easy oil money, their development is a joke. They built a shinny capital with no economic reason to exist. Instead of investing the money in developing infrastructure so that new enterprises might flourish. Once the price of oil gets low enough this place will descend into chaos.

Author — Lmaluko


this might be a standard video for you. but that old man, in saying "what if they shoot me, they're many like me!" is one of the most human transformations in his life. he probably really believed the government could come for him.

Author — Tunç Öztemir


this is very interesting thanks for this Guardian.

Author — kate-mia white


This is the kind of media coverage you get when you spend millions on PR - Including having Tony Blair on the payroll. This "president for life" - dictator - tried to get himself nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Author — Jonny


That is one hell of a city! Dunno why but it does seem somewhat similar to North Korea, just way more advanced.

Author — JIU KIM


Nazarbayev is a smart leader . But in long term All turkic countries can develope and become democratic If they have same alphapet, same language They must unite like EU.

"Today the Soviet Union is a friend and an ally. We need this friendship. However, no one can know what will happen tomorrow. Just like the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires it may tear itself apart or shrink in size. Those peoples that it holds so tightly in its grip may one day slip away. The world may see a new balance of power. It is then that Turkey must know what to do. Ally Soviets have under their control our brothers with whom we share language, beliefs and roots. We must be prepared to embrace them. Being ready does not mean that we will sit quietly and wait. We must get ready. How does a people get prepared for such an endeavour? By strengthening the natural bridges that exist between us. Language is a bridge... Religion is a bridge... History is a bridge... We must delve into our roots and reconstruct what history has divided. We can't wait for them to approach us. We must reach out to them."
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Author — Vlkn Grt


Guardian promoting totalitarianism to fix climate change. Right.

Author — Dimitri Rastoropov