KLM Cockpit Tales: Part 3 - Big plane, short runway

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Sint Maarten has one of the most challenging runways in the world. Join Captain ten Velde on board of a flight to this tropical island.

Always wanted to know what goes on behind the closed cockpit doors where only experienced pilots are allowed? This is your chance check out more videos of the KLM Cockpit Tales:


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I set My iPhone to Airplane mode
I threw it
It didn't fly
Leik if you cri evrytiem

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Author — Captain Noobie


Didn't know Gordon Ramsay was also a pilot..

Author — Riley Malone


These pilots are doing a very great job.👌👌👌👍👍👍

Author — Kiran Isrie


Love the 747 it's the queen of the skies

Author — Verfassungsschutz


Being a pilot must be an absolutely amazing career despite the crazy amount of challenges. They have my every respect for how talented they are.

Author — Luke Staten


Great video! 500+ losers rated this thumbs down. LOL

Author — electronicsNmore


You need to turn the music up as I can still just hear them talking.

Author — Dave Bryant


I like how the fellas were nice enough to wave before takeoff.

Author — Washing Machine


WELL DONE, KLM. I've seen many many videos on commercial air travel from the cockpit POV. This was excellent. Sadly, we will never fly the 747 to St. Maarten again. But thankfully it's documented for eternity.

Author — Bob Boberson


I can visualize it: you fly five thousand miles to the island, and then you spend your vacation on a beach watching airplanes land and take off.

Author — David Barnett


Who do I trust with my life:
1-Airline pilots
2-My dog
3-selected few

Author — Beth Yoseph


4:38 I worry more than when I got married ...
4:46 I feel happier than before ....
6:00 I literally melt melt ...
* * *
Great Airline KLM !
Great attracts !
My deep respect !

Author — Vlado


I think I would feel pretty safe flying with these guys and their planes!

Author — Virgil Nanaquawetung


I would trust a Dutchman to steer me through any rough sea or rough air.

Author — Hiei2k7


Big plane, short runway.

Sounds like what the Asian girl told the driver of the big, black Cadillac:

Big car, short garage.

Author — ofngol


2019 someone?

EDIT: I miss the KLM 747 at St Maarten

Author — Toilet paper


More people watch this video than live in the Netherlands

Author — Annemijn van Vianen


*Tough job 10hours non stop flight! Congrats.*

Author — John Andrews


Booked KLM return flight for my first international flight! Can't wait😄 i'm in love with this airline

Author — severina marczyński


747 is a legend! Beautiful, invincible sky beast 😍 KLM is the extraordinary professional an incredibly reliable company.🙌🏻

Author — Ali SA