Reaction to Meghan McCain’s Identity Politics Comments

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Meghan McCain’s responds after her identity politics comments on “The View” go viral. Plus Serena Williams defends Meghan Markle and Jay Leno is saying sorry for racist jokes made over the year.

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0:00 - 3:14 Wanna Thompson Talks 'FSTVL SZN'
3:15 - 13:33 Meghan McCain Responds To 'Identity Politics' Backlash
13:34 - 20:08 Serena Williams Reacts TO Meghan Markle's Oprah Interview
20:09 -25:10 Jay Leno Apologies For Asian Jokes
25:11 - 30:10 Noah Centineo's 'Black Adam' Workout
30:11 - 31:20 Drake Interrupts Kyle Lowry's Press Conference

💬 Comments on the video

The way she she set herself up with one of us be Pssst it's you!

Author — TheFriendgineer


🤣 😂 🤣 😂 She's literally talking herself out of a job.

Author — Paradox G


If the minority doesn’t get a chance, how can we know if they are unqualified... Megan, Megan, you are not qualified!

Author — Jonas boalino


They had the ceremony for themselves. They did the full wedding for everyone else. That’s my take on what she said.

Author — Misty H


Meghan McCain resume: John McCain’s daughter

Author — Beautiful Queen


Meghan McCain only has her job on the View because of her father. White affirmative action is when a white person gets a job because of who they are or who they're related to, not because of qualifications.

Author — John Lambert


John McCain never had an entry- level job. He was the son of a friggin Navy admiral. 🙄

Author — Delonjo Barber


Yes for the sistah on the panel, I see you ET Canada. Bring her back!

Author — D Datsun


Well then she should leave cause what are her qualifications? She is the least qualified of the panel.

Author — WTT C


I heard that part, She was saying that they had already exchanged vows. Which emotionally she was married. Maybe she thought it was legal if they had witnesses and then they pulled the rug from under her and didn't certify it. Who knows leave them people alone geez.

Author — Ang Gee


It's obvious that people who refuse to call the virus by it's officially given name has an agenda.

Author — Jimmy Chin


Tammy Duckworth didn't suggest UNQUALIFIED nominees for the jobs, MeAgain.

Author — n j


Her entire identity is political. And the sad part about Meghan McCain is her lack of self awareness not just for black people but for Asians as well. It's due to her deeply racist belief of listening to her Republican lack of perspective.

Author — Quinn McDonald


What is she even saying? privileged people hardly ever recognize the privileges they have. Also, I am a freaking qualified latino with a higher degree who's been struggling all through this past year to get a job but I couldn't. I'm dying to return to Canada and build my career there, but I have no money to pay for this venture. I speak multiple languages and still no sign of an opportunity to grow in the media. The spoils of fame qualified you Meghan. If hypocrisy was a degree, you'd be highly qualified

Author — TeleNuvem


Really enjoying your show! You guys have great chemistry and comments and I like that you treat each other with respect. You have a fan in New Zealand.

Author — Amanda Billing


Okay first couples have private ceremonies where they say their personal vows to each other that they consider they consider as their wedding before actually getting legally married all the time. It’s nothing new. So idk why this is even trying to be dissected as a lie? And both her AND Harry said it. Not just her. And also if it was a lie, she knows how the British media are so she would never be stupid enough to do something like that and they wouldn’t leave that in their to be aired either. C’mon now please use common sense people

Author — aria johnson


what are Meghan's qualifications, apart from "my father, my father"???

Author — Karolina K


Does no one know about private exchanges of vows? I'm a wedding photographer and couples often consider that the beginning of their marriage. Is that sinister and deceptive too or only when a MM is involved? Ridiculous.

Author — H. B.


If they exchanged vows before the wedding, that was for them, and to them, that was the real wedding. Why are people accusing her of lying? This argument is insane and just another reason to hate on her. Ridiculous!

Author — Real Fan


Meghan McCain owes the AAPI community an on air apology. End of story. Really disappointed in the View for not holding her accountable in that regard and that those messages get drowned out by people trolling about her looks. With so much to criticize her over leave looks out of it. She provides enough content to critique that people don’t have to rely on low bar insults.

Author — Felisha G