How Fox News' Dana Perino met her husband by chance on an airplane

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Fox News host Dana Perino wasn’t looking for love when she boarded a flight from Denver to Chicago but then she met Peter McMahon. #ItsLove

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Dana is almost 48. This lady is aging incredibly well. She’s also very smart, likable and empathetic. Congrats Dana!

Author — Ivan Muniz-Brown


Dana is my fav. On Fox news, she has it all beauty intelligence and a great outlook on life. Peter you are very fortunate to have found her as your soul mate. I Really enjoy hearing your story of how it was love at first flight! Good luck to you both and God bless you and Jasper

Author — Henry Von Muegge


I am a big fan of Dana on Fox, (wonderful story). .

Author — James Douglas


I read some of the comments and I think some people have never been in love I pity them. To Dana and Peter, I hope you both have a great life together full of love and happiness xx

Author — Stormy Ctrl


I just lost my sweetheart 4 years ago. He was a blind date and we were married 47 years. I miss him every day. It's so nice to see Dana and her husband and in so much love between them. I wish them a long happy life together.

Author — Sue B


You're a lovely couple!! So glad you're on Fox...good job

Author — Peg


I love her too. I’m Peter‘s age, but I still love to listen to Dana read children’s stories. Nothing wrong with that?

Author — Edward Schoenman


Married for twenty years. Wow, Dana is aging really well.

Author — Beatrice Blocks


Well, this is quite the story. And since yahoo.com ran it, this makes the story even more remarkable. Well done, Dana. You really are a lovely lady. Also, so glad you keep The Five on track. Now if only Juan and Donna would take a hike, it would be great.

Author — Ten Speed Truck


My story is similar and 51 years later still married and still in love! So happy for you and Pete❤️

Author — Bette Gregory


You Guys are so cute and Sweet together 😄💞🇺🇸

Author — joy france


Many, many more happy years to you both!

Author — Pat Bowman


Sir, you have been seriously blessed! Dana, is almost 50, and looks amazing! She's petite, unbelievably gorgeous, intelligent, kind heart, cute feet, lol, beautiful smile, pretty eyes, and again intelligent! It doesn't get any better than this and you'll be the biggest fool to let her go! She supports your endeavors and doesn't try competing with you or put you down so she can think she's strong? Goodness, Dana you're amazing and everything I said about you is out of respect. Bless the two of you and another 20+ yrs of a happy marriage!

Author — Kwann P


wow he's cute? lmao
this is 1 hella lucky chud..she's incredibly gorgeous..certainly doesn't look her age at all

Author — DAVE IS GOD


So sweet, thanks for sharing! ❤️. Hope you have many years together! ❤️

Author — Velma R


Awww—This makes me love Dana even more! So happy for them :)

Author — Will Stone


What a sweet and wonderful story! Very happy for the both of you!

Author — marie-elena Waldrip


Awwww That’s so nice .. God bless you and your husband.. Not all of us find that ever .. love ❤️

Author — Elizabeth Brocato



Author — CottageGarden SMITH


Neat .... happy story! Infatuation? Turning into love is so special!

Author — Patrice Marie