How Fox News' Dana Perino met her husband by chance on an airplane

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Fox News host Dana Perino wasn’t looking for love when she boarded a flight from Denver to Chicago but then she met Peter McMahon. #ItsLove

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Wow! Not to be rude, but he sure is older then her. Love is blind. ❤️

Author — Irene Shafer


Dana is my fav. On Fox news, she has it all beauty intelligence and a great outlook on life. Peter you are very fortunate to have found her as your soul mate. I Really enjoy hearing your story of how it was love at first flight! Good luck to you both and God bless you and Jasper

Author — Henry Von Muegge


I read some of the comments and I think some people have never been in love I pity them. To Dana and Peter, I hope you both have a great life together full of love and happiness xx

Author — Stormy Ctrl


I'm tearing up Cruz that was so incredible, live long and love forever❣

Author — Dawn Decuir


She married money as well as her grandfather. Yuck

Author — Matthew Jones


Yea him being loaded had nothing to do with it, every chic wants to marry an old guy twice her age.

Author — D. Day


I thought I was in love until the second day after I let a woman move into my home ; Hey, get me the deed to your house.why? Because I want to put my name on it. It took me 3 long miserable years to kick her ass to the curb. Good for Dana and Bob because life’s too short, either be alone and happy, but damn it don’t live in misery with a gold digger. It’s costly in (deed.) ❤️🙏🏻😊

Author — Dr. Bill


Dana you and Peter should join MayDecemberSociety.com you'll love it! We'd love to have you in our community.

Author — May December Society


Something tells me; She's all Show and no Go in the sack.

Author — Baron Ratfish


Jeezuz...that dude should thank his lucky stars every bloody day!!! You sure wouldn't expect her with him.

Author — Tree Shade Concepts


What's the female equivalent of a beard? although I always got more of an asexual vibe from Dana rather than lesbian - well if they're happy and keep good company - good for them God bless

Author — Max Taurus


Dana is an angel. As long as she is on FOX, I’m in.

Author — Trumped Up Media


Well, she's about to inherit a lot of money, he is a wealthy englisman 18 years older than her!!! Wtf

Author — Issac Harrison


I found this video looking up internet info on dating someone MUCH younger than you. I'm friends with someone I met in the workplace a few years ago. I know that we were both immediately attracted to each other and there's a lot in between these last few years but despite every hint, even being told she was into me; I've avoided asking her out because of the age difference. Watching this makes me almost want to take the chance at love again after a 15 year marriage resulted in a divorce.

Author — Lee Rincones


Nice catch dude. Dana is a hotty with a brain.

Author — John Smith


I think she is a beautiful he is one lucky power to them both.

Author — Four Horsemen


I so in love with Dana and she's married to a dude who looks too me like a serial killer ! Great ....

Author — Ken Bray


it's not all about money, 20 yrs married, must be more than money

Author — john byrne


Dana is a major babe. So I won't say it

Author — Skip Rocker


"He's cute", wtf. Dana is a gold digging fake conservative.