10 Mind Blowing NEW Technologies That Will CHANGE the WORLD

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10 Mind Blowing New Technologies That Will Change the World

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What does the future hold for humanity?
What does future of Technologie hold?
What is the latest technology?
What is gonna be the latest technology in computers?
What are the latest new technologies in computer science?
What are the latest technologies introduced in automobiles?
What is the latest technological Innovation?
What are some of the most promising Technologies now?
What are 10 mind blowing Technologies That Will Change the World?
What inventions would change the world?
What are the 10 upcoming technology that may change the world?
What technology will change the world in 5 years?
How is technology changing the world today?
What are the new technologies in 2020?
What inventions will there be in the future?
Which technology is best in future?
What is the latest technology in the world?

00:00 - Intro
00:39 - Artificial Intelligence
01:43 - Brain-computer interfaces
02:38 - 3D Printing
03:46 - Living Robots
04:35 - Augmented Reality
05:58 - Tactile Virtual Reality
06:52 - Self-driving vehicles
07:55 - Hyperloop
08:47 - Hydrogen power
10:04 - Energy-storing bricks
11:00 - Question

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Hello Aluxers, ! Which of these technologies do you think is the most exciting

Disclaimer: signing up for Audible will result in financial compensation towards Alux Inc at no additional cost to you, the consumer.

Author — Alux.com


1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Brain computer interfaces
3. 3D printing
4. Living robots
5. Augmented Reality
6. Tactile virtual reality
7. self driving vehicles
8. hyperloop
9. Hydrogen power
10. Energy storing bricks

Author — Alexis Xander


When you realise 5 of this company own ELON MUSK.😂

Author — Duffer 7wise


Who else randomly found *Alux* one day and has been watching ever since?

Author — MemeBit


There’s quite a lot of things I don’t know. The world is really evolving. Good content as usual Alux!

Author — B Gents Ja


*Hey, this is the reason why Elon's net worth is Increasing*

Author — Sen Bros


about the quantum computing it comes with it's own dangers such as with every other technology.
one of the problems with it is discovering passwords. since it does things so fast it could run passwords on an astronomic speeds and discover them.
imagine bank passwords or crypto wallet one's and much more.
now imagine some bad guys control it first, and worse some governments..

Author — chen cohen


Alux can you do a episode for teenagers that are trying to grow and get money. Thank you! ( plz like this so they can see it)

Author — King and Queen Slimes


Self-driving vehicles will be a huge time saver when you can work on your projects during long commutes.

Author — The Icelandic Investor


Whoever read this, remember there is always someone who loves you.

Author — Daniele Millori


dont like the artifificial intellegence.

Author — Toby Anderson


They didn't predict corona virus? Anybody has seen Contagion ?🤔

Author — Thierry Ngoyi


I was waiting for this type of video from ALUX since 2 years .

Author — soham khare


We know Elon Musk watched a lot of sci-fi movies!

Author — DP B


Brain chips. Yeah, who needs control of their own brain? Just give it to, well, who knows?

Author — Nunya Business


Ai, énergie briques, imprinant en 3D, hyperloop, puissance hydrogène

Author — Dr RéaganEliedith PhD


“We’re gonna 3D print a rocket, we just don’t know how yet.”

Author — Tanner Keene


You forget one thing. "Quantum Computer"

Author — Dominic Bravo


I love 3D printing! Robots scare me. Who else is excited for the new technologies?

Author — Joy Mae - Millennial Money Talk NYC


Once you've succeeded, all the past failures won't matter

From a Youtuber 💛💛

Author — Shazistic