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Is the so-called "Islamic State" aiming to use the Philippines as its bridgehead in Asia? IS took control of the predominantly Muslim city of Marawi in 2017, and it took the Philippine army five months to take it back.

We report from a country that the so-called "Islamic State" apparently wants to use as a bridgehead to spread its ideology in Asia. Marawi's total destruction made the Philippine state look weak and incapable of defending its own territory. The IS fighters may have been defeated, but the grueling house-to-house fighting against a well-equipped army supported by the USA was a propaganda coup for the Caliphate. Martial law still applies on Mindanao, the second largest island in the south of the Philippines where Marawi is located. More than 60,000 of the city’s inhabitants are still living in refugee camps or other emergency shelters, and reconstruction could take years. The terrorist group’s capture of Marawi was the climax to an old, religiously charged conflict that IS did not cause but was able to exploit. A feud between local Muslim inhabitants and Christian colonial rulers and settlers from the north of the archipelago has been smoldering in the south of the Philippines for more than 400 years. Many Muslims still complain about the discrimination they face from a mainly Catholic society, which is an ideal environment for the recruitment of new fighters for jihad. The fact that the Islamists' black flag flew over Marawi for 154 days could boost radical forces throughout the entire region. IS terrorists are also targeting neighboring Indonesia. And Rodrigo Duterte, a president better known for his toughness than his talent for peace making, is pouring fuel on the flames.


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thanks to duterte and Philippine army for stopping the isis spreading in asia

Author — Sir Dinzhi Films


Duterte is the type of leader the world needs,

Author — Irish rich


Duterte isn't soft like western leaders. I don't think he's always right, but he'll deal with jihadists properly.

Author — Iskalla


if poverty was the reason then why christians dont do religious extremism on the magnitude of the muslims in the philippines? or around the world?

Author — Killah Priest


The Islamic State is a terrorist organisation, bent upon the destruction of the Western & Christians. If the Philippines has the courage to bomb them out of exsistence good for them!

Author — Peter M


Duterte is absolutely right... the only way to stop IS is to wipe everything that is related to them... period.

Author — nadkram1


gutoc opposes president duterte for so called "not defending the west philippine sea" but is willing to give her home to IS militants

Author — doo nott reedDis


"Former ISIS member" Nah Abdul is an active ISIS member who was unlucky enough not to get his head blown off by Duterte.

Author — Joe


Samara Gutok she’s nonesense. She’s just another corrupt that Filipino citizens would not vote.

Author — 3L Build


This documentary is clearly biased against the President and by extension, the government. Nothing really new, I guess, since most western journalists are typically anti Duterte.

Author — Jid Loyola


Thank you to president duterte for killing the terrorist from they mess with the wrong president



Destroy a city to save 5 more only capable leaders can make a decision like that

Author — jerocortidor


My filipinas friend, NEVER let them enter your soil. Catastrated them.


Author — Roan Turin


Support the Philippines government. .. love from India. Namaste.

Author — Nilesh Telgu


The Gov't killed the leaders of these terrorist groups and you say it's a failed mission? Lol. Another puppet politician who's goal is to bring down the gov't. Lol.

Author — teachmehowtodoge


Samira gutoc is a joke she never done anything specialy in Marawi.

Author — Jonathan De guzman


It is the fault of previous Philippine Government for turning a blind-eye that Marawi is already infiltrated by ISIS. Big thanks to President Duterte for his strong Government.

Author — Neil SP


The politician in 21:01 is pretty naive. They're up against Trained and well funded fighters who's willing to kill. what does she expect? IS would just want to talk things over?

Author — joshan devera


Why is the senatorial candidate blaming the whole thing solely towards the government? It was their own who were the terrorists. The government just played on defense

Author — cindy mananzala martinez


I salute President Duterte and his team. Love from Australia.

Author — Mr Rapport