Lisa Kudrow's Perfect Parody of 2020 Politics | Death To 2020

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Lisa Kudrow's character in Death to 2020 is Non-Official Spokesperson Jeanetta Grace Susan. Here are some of her most hilarious backtrack doublespeak moments that perfectly parody what politics felt like in 2020.

A year whose story couldn’t be told until now, because it was still happening.
From the creators of Black Mirror comes Death to 2020 - a Netflix Comedy Event. December 27.

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"There's not such place as Ukraine"
"Yes, there is..."
"I choose to believe there's not".

Author — PalmurcioWorld


This was a rollercoaster from the beginning to the end. Hilarious and chaotic.

Author — HDS Videos


If I didn’t recognize her face, I’d think this wasn’t a skit.

Author — Jen Tuesday


"There's not such a place as Ukraine" "Yes, there is ..."
"I choose to believe there's not".
Me an ukrainian: disappear in the style of avengers.

Author — Yanay Narmon


It's like Princess Consuela Banana hammock

Author — real.ajunkw


This was so pleasurable. Kudrow perfects gaslighting.

Author — Ars Longa


Lisa Kudrow should have the huge career Jennifer Aniston has had since Friends. She was by far the best actor & character on that show

Author — mickyjoe97


"Check your tape, Bob."
"It's James."

Author — TomMSTie1138


“the only real evidence of him doing anything is a transcript of him doing it” I died at that part😂

Author — ツlisa


This is actually quite frightening. She perfectly portrays a Kelly Anne Conway type figure who represented the Trump Administration in the media. The ability to lie and misrepresent without an ounce of shame.

Author — Dexter Ellis


This is so true, especially now that Republicans are all suddenly dumping Trump. 😂😂😂

Author — Emily Hartford


Give it two years. Everyone who's been licking Trump's boots will be like, "Who's Trump?" Thankfully, we have the video.

Author — Carlos Emilio Rivera Warner


why wasn't she non-official spokesperson regina phlange

Author — Lisa L.


Me: “There’s no such thing as Algebra”
Teacher: “Yes there is”
Me: “I choose to believe there’s not”

Author — Owen Thompson


That wasn't a parody...that was our reality for the last four years. And today it came to a violent end.

Author — Steven Keller


"Who’s Trump?" I don’t know who that is, I never met the guy. Oh, well I take pictures with a lot of people, but I barely knew him.

Author — David S


In my opinion, the aged Lisa Kudrow is the definition of graceful and elegant.

Author — Tianrun Jiang


If there's ever a movie about Kellyane Conway or Kelly Loeffler, Lisa Kudrow should be cast immediately

Author — Adriel Sebastian


OMG She can have the entire show all by herself and I will never get tired of her.

Author — coco baby


I choose to believe the Trump presidency never happened.

Author — cecasander