Turkish Military Attacking Til Tamir, Syria

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▶️Video provided by VOA Kurdish Service shows Turkish military and its backed militants are attacking Til Tamir in an attempt to control the city.
👉Turkey last month invaded northeastern Syria to push out Syrian Kurdish fighters whom it considers terrorists for their links to a Kurdish insurgency inside Turkey.
But the United States and Syrian Kurdish fighters have been allies and partnered in the fight against the Islamic State terror group. The relationship has strained ties between Washington and Ankara, who are NATO allies.

After an abrupt and widely criticized decision by U.S. President Donald Trump to withdraw American troops from this part of Syria, the Kurdish forces approached the Syrian government and Russia for protection. Syrian government troops and Russian military police subsequently moved into areas along the border.

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they are not the turkish army the free syrian army stop making perception

Author — League of Hero Muzıc


Haha ....there isn't even a single Turkish military in this video

Author — Mugen


They all stink. Glad to see them do each other away!

Author — AllySmiles201


That is clearly NOT the Turkish military.

Author — Skyler


"israel bleeds out east"

Author — firenet won


When i wake up for work tomorrow im not going to complain. Perspective changes the way you look at life. Im very grateful and lucky. God bless man kind and everyone in war zones trying to survive.

Author — Luke Biz


WW3 is going to happen, I know it. I bet my life.

Author — ThyGreek


So Turkey and the USA are going to divide Syria? Joke or what? Russia and Iran well never let that happen Iran needs the Russia pipeline to go through Syria so Iran can connect and send its oil to the ships also. And America wont touch Russa's pipeline. Just a few facts.

Author — Dog Meat


All I see are Turkish backed isis militants

Author — Raul Lozada


Dear Sean Stone, I feel like I have Badgered and Bombarded the People enough. It was a great suggestion from you about a week ago now - thank you very much 💞🙏🏻💞 but i would really like to be done with this now - today? Where are you? Where did you evacuate to? Why don't you consider coming to Cleveland? Jeff and Asher are doing this cool baseball thing in West Virginia this weekend. I was gonna go but it is "A Guy thing" ⚾👨⚾👨⚾👨 and perhaps you can join them? You like baseball - Yes? Asher made chocolate chip cookies last night and there are a few left. He eats like 10 a day, with love, and please consider our invitation, Patti, Jeff, Nolan, Asher 💞⚾🙏🏻💞

Author — Prof Grace


Voice of America is now PKK's propaganda machine. When PKK Was killing Turkish soldiers, it was not a news in VOA.

Author — deniz elli


Would someone who can actually demonstrate knowledge explain what this video depicts? Without the name calling and threats. Please.

Author — Ars Longa


Its FSA ....maybe.. USA = Fake News Center

Author — TR


We should totally pull out. They don’t want us there. They call us murderers. Let them fight it out. Pull all weapons and people out. Obama had the right idea. I still agree with all Obama started. Just cause Democrats blame Trump for the laws they voted for and elected Obama for. There still what we voted for. Quit lying to yourself. Quit watching video catered to you.

Author — Rich murphy


It is best to settle the 4 million refugees inside the safe zone. nothing wrong with this Plan, UN and everyone should support this, this is a LIE one sided FAKE NEWS again, US wants the oil they care less about anything else, and it did not created a power vacuum on the contrary created a safe zone, 4 million refugees can not stay in Turkey indefinitely, they have been there for 8 years now, it is time to solve this, Russia is a grantor US is not invited, and the Kurdish areas you talk about it is not all Kurdish many others lives there, STOP distorting the facts, all west wants more wars, Turks are tired of these wars in there borders since 1993, time they did something about it. by the way those areas Turks made it safe 2016 and 2017 1 million refugees moved back. Report the real news not the news your war mongering bosses telling you LIARS, oh Google"Kentucky Gun show, Turkish Bombing, ABC" and see the FAKE news yourself to be one example

Author — ma ta


They say "Turkey", but it is really Muslim against Muslim. Turkey is now predominantly Muslim. A couple of years ago non-muslims tried to protest for better representation, and were pushed down!!! The Middle East is better run by dictators!!! Fighting for power is in their culture, that's what they do!!! If anything, we need to help non-christians find someplace out of the way of the constant fighting!!!

Author — A Dominguez


I feel sorry for the Assyrian Christians of Tel Tamer they are innocent villagers who get abused by kurds and now possibly Turkish backed Jihadists. this is a ongoing ethnic cleansing Genocide committed by the same people. 100 years after the Armenian/Greek/Assyrian Genocide history repeats itself.

Author — Nineb Korash


This video shows Turkmen or other terrorists that work for Turkey attacking the Kurdish / Bedouin town of Til Tamir AKA Tell Tamer in North Eastern Syria well inside the Kurdish Autonomous area . Which means they are attacking woman children and peoples homes to drive them away into Iraq . The casualties in the truck look like civilians . Turkey assisted Isis so it could wipe out the Kurds but it failed now many of those rebels working for Turkey are ex Isis fighters . Where is that worthless UN . If the Russians decided to invade Turkey it could cause a real problem because Russia might get full control of the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits in Turkey and that would give Russia significant strategic Naval advantage . Could end up with Nato fighting Russia on Turkish soil . Goodbye Turkey . Turkey uses it's strategic position to leverage Nato but it could also be it's undoing if Turkey does not be careful .

Author — Juan Batista


US and Russia cowardly standing by and letting Turkey ethnically cleanse?

Author — Oplitis Λ


These are the islamic jihadists of president Erdogan

Author — Turko 89