Stephen Delivers The Restate Of Our Union

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Stephen Delivers The Restate Of Our Union4.5
Stephen Colbert delivers a LIVE monologue following Trump's un-lively State of the Union Address.

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Alien vs. Predator, isn't that the title of Trump's marriage to Melania?

Author — KingOfMadCows


Nixon attacked the Watergate investigation in 1974 in what turned out to be his final State of the Union speech. That's a case where I hope history repeats itself.

Author — Kevin McGuire


he called her the first lady because he couldn't recall her name...again

Author — nunna yrbznez


You forgot the last and main part of Trump's ethos:

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery

*Ignorance is Strength*

Author — Huy Ly


You know for someone who is innocent he sure is worried about the investigation a lot

Author — TheCstar07


Good God, that's your

Author — drift Techie


"Our country was founded on liberty and independence, and not government coercion, domination and control."

I know I should be used to it by now, but this kind of bullshit makes me want to throw my laptop across the room whenever I hear it (and all U.S. politicians do it, not just Republicans). Most people in this country couldn't vote or own property when it was founded, and a lot of them were slaves. To say nothing of much of the land being acquired by genocidal theft from the residents who were already there. That sounds a lot like "coercion, domination and control" to me.

Old news, yeah, but still needs to be pointed out every time.

Author — yohei72


"Everything good that happened is all me, anything bad that happened is all you."

Author — Kushko


"America transformed science" - what to? what was wrong with it? ...oh, Climate Change.

Author — Martin Taper


Best part? Watching Nancy. Her expressions were like, what on earth is he talking about and how do I smile through this crap?

Author — Karen Walsh


I do agree with Trump on one thing the US did redefine the middle class. Ensuring that the middle class is now working pay check to pay check with no unions to protect them, low wages, and people having to decide to save money or pay for health insurance (and pray they don't have to go to the hospital). A country now completely run by the large corporations that use and abuse us. We are so whipped.

And why is the federal government just now going with paid family leave (pfl). It is most commonly only done in blue states.

Author — Felicia Gardner


I forgot there was a state of union address. I was busy at work. Bills do not go on furloughs. Unfortunately 😔

Author — Fly Freely


Loving Clobert throwing out absolute bombs of burns. Props to the writers and kudos to his delivery, especially on the last line.

Author — S0ulmirror


Someone should have brought Robert Mueller as a guest.

Author — lakerwalt


No other country can compete with America, except in the areas of education, health care, systemic racism in law enforcement, liveable wages, scientific advancement, murder rates, gun crime rates, electoral system, system of government and moronic national leader. Yeah nobody does anything better than the USA

Author — Green and White


How can you tell 45 is lying?

His lips are moving.

Author — Lumberklik


"The Economy is so hot right now, if it isn't my Economy, perhaps I would be dating it" - Donald Trump - Stephen Colbert

Author — Sparda


Many Americans filing their income taxes got a rude awakening that they owe taxes because for the things that they use to be allowed credit for are no longer allowed thanks to Trump and
the Republican Party's rewrite of our tax laws to give to the rich and rob from the poor!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

Author — Gwen30


4:30 Melania gets a standing ovation for all her hard work and massive contribution towards....

Author — Proper


What IS a shame is that most Americans - even the decent ones - still think nothing can ever be done better than in America.
Maybe they ought to start wondering how our health care plan (ACA) is still deplorably beneath the kind of national health care plans in other democracies.
I can give you an example that most Americans wouldn't even want to acknowledge as a nation that does ANYTHING better than America.
That country is Mexico.
No country has a health plan better than Mexico's. Equal, maybe, not better. It covers EVERYTHING. No hidden copays or deductibles (do you remember anyone explaining how copays and deductibles are there for a good REASON?) They're just chunks of money that go to the private sector, who still control American health care. That's why the ACA is still a putrid plan. The Medicare for All MIGHT work well, but only if the private sector is TOTALLY OUT.
I spend $500 (USD) per YEAR, and have full coverage including outpatient visits to IMSS, tests, prescriptions - EVERYTHING. Walked out of the hospital 2 months ago, and didn't have to open my purse or sign away my firstborn. I just left. It was already paid for.
Yes, Mexico's national health care plan FAR surpasses the ACA as it stands. It's nobody's fault, because the only way Obama could get the ONE Republican vote to pass it was to allow the private sector to keep gouging us.
You are still being gouged.
It is dangerous (not to mention stupid) to think that nobody can ever surpass your own country in anything. It's lying to ourselves, and it can hurt us badly to hold such a lofty opinion of ourselves. Other nations are now passing us by, and because Americans don't care about them, they don't even notice. But America is on its way to Third World status, yet Americans will keep thinking we're the best, no matter what. That's sick and self-destructive. But if we insist on that kind of outlook, we deserve to become a Banana Republic.
We've taken it so far into the realms of stupidity that most Americans really think nobody should EVER speak anything but English, because if they do, they're probably subversives. Not enough of our students choose foreign language studies, because it's unpopular.
Boy are we getting stupider by the minute.

Author — fastermx