Top 100 Sports Plays of the Year 2020

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Mind Boggling Displays of Athleticism from the MLB.
Absolutely Incredible Finishes in the NFL & NBA.
Sensational Saves from the NHL.
Spectacular Goals in Europe Soccer & MLS.
Unbelievable Shots in Tennis & Golf.

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It's that time of the year again! What's your favorite play from 2020? Share in the comments :)

Author — Sports Complex


Not a fan of golf but that water skip shot #1 to me. Insane!

Author — RS2K


That Bocce ball shot was the most underrated play in the video, simply amazing.

Author — Joseph Joyce


I thought this was "PLAYS OF THE YEAR?" What was the slam dunk contest doing in the countdown. The bocce ball play deserved higher, just like that bicycle kick and rebound goal. Has anyone ever seen a golf shot like the one skipping across the water like that? Nope, but we've all seen 3 pointers being made at the last second.

Author — Calvin Delaronde


How is the end of game 4 of the World Series not on the list at all? That was one of the wildest finishes in baseball history

Author — TheVgaTV


Sad to see no disc golf on here. Kevin Jones’ slip ace deserves a spot here

Author — Imanasaurus


How is the Fitzpatrick pass not on this list?

Author — david taylor


nothing against hockey, but almost every other video was a hockey video, it was getting kind of old tbh.

Author — Caleb Wynn


Adebayo's block vs Celtics???? I'm not a fan of NBA but that play won the game

Author — Leandro Gil


That was seriously #1!!! 29 minutes of my life wasted away to wait for the worst #1 I’ve seen in a while smh

Author — Krombopulos Sal


Bro just show the whole play. Stop cutting out bits.

Author — Noah Nussbaum


How is #18 not higher? Literally one of the best knockouts EVER

Author — Mike Reed


Didn’t see it in the comments happened at the very start of the year pekka rinne scores the first goalie goal in 18 years I was waiting to see it the whole video

Author — There is no Game


Eh, should put all the slam dunk contest ones together. They're impressive, but not really sports plays.

Author — groeqa18


"Hah, bowling made it on the list.... oh wow!"

Author — Threelions


The impressiv Thing at Nr. 72 was actually the Dribbling of Davies, Not the Goal 🤦

Author — Der_Andere


An uncontested 3 point shot should not have been the #1

Author — iHadToDoItToEm


26:01 yooo he did the Colombian football save but in hockey lmao

Author — Yungbeck


I'd straight up shit if I had Metcalf coming at me like he was at 25:03

Author — Chocolate Moose


Shows two of Mookie's catches, ignores the shoestring catch for the double play that was more impressive than the catch at the wall.

Author — pockypimp