Hannity: Pelosi's temper tantrum

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Hannity: Pelosi's temper tantrum4.5
Nancy Pelosi becomes the first House speaker to ban the president from delivering his State of the Union address from the House chamber. #Hannity #FoxNews

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I live in New York, and I'm for trump!

Author — m p


What is Pelosi fighting for? Isn't it obvious? She wants the presidency with Hilary as her vice. Why else is she not moving with Trump? She won't budge until his and pence's resignation is on the table. She needs impeachment.

Author — Angelo Martires


There is a black woman who was homeless that Trump let stay in a unit. She has been there 10 or 11 years now and she has room service 3 times a day, and she gets fresh flowers once a week. Trump doesn't talk about this, but the woman made a YouTube video. She pays no rent.

Author — Poppa Jay


Democrates are good at one thing and one thing only. Spending other peoples money and making sure their money is untouched. Its a thing called Socialism. By the way, where did Nancy get all her millions from? and Waters for that matter. By serving and coming up for the poor? Yes. Exactly. Think about it.

Author — demarcation


Trump has worked through the shutdown with a salary of $1 per year... Pelosi takes vacations, then tries to take another one with family at taxpayers expense as she make $400+K a year. Meanwhile she blocks 2 bills that would pay Federal employees that are currently working without a paycheck.

Beyond disgusting.

Author — Blue Falcons Suck


How dare you ask that lady to back up her statement with a single fact.

Author — Hollow Dog


I'm proud to be a Republican who has the ability to think for myself and make my own decisions and choices. I cannot be influenced or swayed by false narratives, or news stories which are rampant in our society

Author — Paul Grae


People are so in the dark on things. 🤬

Author — mountainfolk2511


where do they find these mindless scumbags

Author — Robert Fredericks


Hillary Nancy and Schumer all need to leave this country, they are trying to start a war, a war that they will they do not care about Trump 2020 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸👍

Author — Chris G


That drunken old hag can barely speak and they made her speaker of the house.... Absolutely mind blowing

Author — radicalvans _


Pelosi needs to be tried as a domestic enemy of the United States Constitution. She is an enemy of the state. She has sworn an oath to defend our constitution and betrayed that oath. Instead, she attacks it by attacking the sovereignty of the United States.

Author — Pastor Zeke


California and NY don't represent America period!!

Author — Alt - Middle


Walls don’t work! Then why are there doors?

Author — Jeff S


Pelosi needs to be dismissed...she needs to be replaced by someone who is a true Patriot...🇺🇸

Author — emma lane


Trump is surrounded by traitor-trash and all of us out here will remember--how horrifying to see them destroying America and that is exactly what they're doing and laughing all the way--the democrats can do whatever they want wrong or criminal and un-American.

Author — Patricia Wallace


Pelosi has a much better chance traveling to Saturn than becoming 1) sane 2) President of the USA 3) reasonable, brave or honest. She would have a MUCH better chance if she hid those 2 horns.

Author — Clark Kent


Many years ago when I was on the left, I couldn't stand Sean Hannity. I hated every word that came out of his mouth. Now? I support his views and opinions.

Author — Some Dude


What is she doing for? She work for herself or American people ?
So Crazy !, We need safe. I support for Trump for our Country safe.

Author — Sean Kim


Take a look at San Francisco, you'll see EXACTLY how much Nancy Pelosi cares about American

Author — Ronda Meier