Want to understand the Capitol attack? Learn about political sectarianism. | Opinion

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The United States is more politically polarized than ever. The Post's Kate Woodsome gets the help of neuroscientist Jay Van Bavel and political scientist Shanto Iyengar to understand what drives political sectarianism — and what we can do about it.

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Facebook needs to be sued and pay heavy fines for allowing disinformation.

Author — One Voice


"There seems to be an instinctual need to fight an opposition."
George Orwell on Hitler

Author — Dirty Joe


That’s also a military tactic. Divide and conquer.

Author — BIM


Excellent piece here, WaPo. Thank you.
I will share this though - in my experience, when you are liberal and tolerant, you tend to be more understanding and less confrontational than the ill-informed intolerant dogmatic bigot, and thus will fold first for a quiet life, hence allowing the bully to prevail.
Help me have the strength to de-escalate...

Author — BMrider75


We really can’t achieve true greatness without unity.

Author — Marci LK


As a child, my father said to me ... "There are 3 things in life you do not have a conversation about 1) Religion 2) politics 3) money. He was correct because the outcome of the any of those conversational topics are a no win situation.

Author — Going Against The Grain


Never joined Facebook. Couldn't find a reason to do it. Still don't think it's a needed social media platform.

Author — Katherine Dodd


Let’s go to the comments, see what the experts think

Author — Eric craft093


The CCP will definitely become the scourge of the world including the United States in the future .
But it's really regrettable that a lot of western politicians and leaders or those who have influence of various fields seem don't have taken notice of this yet, or it also can't rule out they might have been bought off, or even their dirty something and stuff had been gotten by the CCP .

Author — David Ho


Here we are just after something majorly historical happens

Author — Aqua Walker


When you feel the urge to attack, injure, oppress, or harm someone, you are on the wrong side.

Author — methylbenzodiazepine


Lol I came up with another word for it last year. 'Politism'. Political racism based on group bias.

Author — Jeremiah Donaldson


I found this interesting and I have a lot to ponder. For me, I think this started long before trump took office....he simply took it and ran with it. The problem is the citizens lost faith in politicians and/or government a long time ago, and NOT just in the US. Why? There is far too much money lining politicians pockets. Bring down their wages and we'll finally begin to see some honesty from them. All money does is create greed, then power and finally corruption. Losing faith in politicians created an opening for divide and that's exactly what happened. Rich against the poor and minorities. I'm afraid we're all in for a war, or shall a say 'many global wars'.

Author — Nancy Lynn


This video appears in a Jan 8 article, and references events from Jan 6. But it's dated Dec 26, 2020. I'm... confused. Can WaPo see the future?

Author — C JW


l agree, and l am over 50 we have to be open to hear from both side, but new media tends to stick to a bias, ,one sided

Author — Michael Higgs


It will be a great day when the Yellowstone caldera produces a cataclysmic eruption and wipes out humanity all together.

Author — Damage Control Specialist


Welcome to the new school of journalism: arrive at your biased conclusion and the find a couple of degreed enablers. And this is WAPO no less. I shudder to think what they do over at One America.

Author — Vic Norman


Uh.. I think it's a little much to be putting Maddow's picture next to Tucker Carlon's on the thumbnail. Lol, the guy had a litteral nazi as his head writer. Plus, Tucker just came out questioning vaccines.

Author — Jon Porter


The reporter decided who she needed to win her argument and then found two willing enablers. Poor reporting like this is more and more the status quo, even in WAPO and NYT. in the end, nobody benefits, particularly the reader.

Author — Victor Davich


I like her....she has a black cat...sign of true character ;)

Author — Peoples Republic of Ninj