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President Biden is holding his first formal White House press conference since taking office, facing questions on his response to recent mass shootings, an influx of migrants at the southern border and the continued coronavirus crisis.
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💬 Comments on the video

From NPR News: Hunter Biden's laptop doesn't exist, and even if it does, it's just Russian disinformation.

Author — JckSwan


Biden only took questions from chosen reporters ...those on 'his list'

Author — Toni Flora


My thumbs-down was because of NPR's corruption which has a date with justice.
"It may sometimes sleep - but Justice never dies." - Frank Abagnale, FBI.

Author — Hecka Much Magazine


LMAO. Keep changing those thumb down stats! Can't hide it no matter what you do.

Author — SlickRick


Very ambitious considering you’re gonna need everyone on board...and we’re NOT!!

Author — TammyC


Use this as questions you wish the press had asked instead.

Author — Jace Komedy


BIG🤯TECH Hearing was so conveniently being held simultaneously with this braindead Presser

Author — Just in Time


Remember when NPR helped get Joe Biden elected by calling a real news story a Russian hoax?

Author — Noche Patada


NPR spread false information across the Country guiding Americans down the wrong path by Making false claims and covering up the hunter laptop investigation. now they come clean?? no to late ... npr is a disgrace i will be joining the growing boycott against these political poor Excuse of reporters, they are dangerous and must be removed from air permanently... 👋🏻 npr

Author — Kevin Mart


So he's sending people back to Mexico just like Trump? Someone explain the difference in humanity?

Author — OG1KaNobi


Wtf?! i keep seeing ppl post about Biden "smelling" children...since when is smelling someone "deviant" as I've seen so many put it???

Author — Lady D


What a bumbling idiot, this is what we have to offer as leader of the free world. America is in trouble.

Author — MrNaildriver01


Completely set up... compare this to trump press

Author — gunit 010


Where in the world are his supporters?? If he has strong Republican support as he claims you figure he would have some support...But look at the like/dislike ratios on every page except for the ones where the media bashes on him...the people like that...

Author — Gillian Sullivan


Just came to tell you that Joe Biden isn't a moral Man. Your propoganda npr

Author — William Parks