Tensions flare in Italy as coronavirus spreads among migrant workers | DW News

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Parts of Europe are dealing with a flare up of coronavirus infections. In Italy, there has been a spike in new cases to the north of Naples, mainly in apartment blocks housing seasonal farm workers from Bulgaria and Romania. The city of Mondragone is on alert to try to stop the virus from spreading further.

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Bulgarians can work in Italy. That's how the EU works. Maybe foreign workers don't have proper employment contracts... but this isn't a migration issue. Local businesses are benefiting from them as a source of low cost labor.

Author — Hans Battle


The Italians underwent the strictest lock down they aren't gona let anybody break the lockdown, fair is fair

Author — G W


Interesting story, in regards to someone’s remarks about police controlling tensions, I commend these police as they are clearly calm and respectful. I have lived where the police often think they are special forces storm troopers, I’ll take Italian police over US police any day.

Author — Peter


You cannot mistreat people that you allowed into your country to work, harvest your own food then. All over the world this is the same issue. Let local economies thrive but first end war and poverty.

Author — Margot Nicolau


There is a solution. Work on the farms yourselves. It is not easy work, the work is seasonal and the pay is low.

Author — AM


Last time I check Bulgaria was part of the EU, not sure why they wouldn't have proper contracts. We know there is a virus maybe no one should be travelling period.

Author — DJ Trevi


I understand that panics sells. But right now the situation in Italy is way better than in many countries that were hit later.
Italy is extremely transparent (too much even) with the numbers. 49 workers in Bologna: Bologna has almost 400k people, that’s 0.01%.
Clusters must be contained, we must keep vigilant, but right now smoke or alcool are killing way more people than Covid (150k a year in Italy).
The average age of the dead is 80, the average life span for men is 79 (82 for women). If we look at numbers, we must look at all of them, not just those that scare people.
Per capita numbers must always be mentioned, absolute numbers make no sense to anyone with a basic understanding of statistics or epidemiology.

Author — mc3744


Slavery always had consequences, it's been written in the history of human kind.

Author — Simsanchez


Interesting how they are so angry with the seasonal workers for bringing the virus to their town but no one in Italy seems to be angry at the CCP for sending in 100’s if infected chino’s.... no one’s angry at the very people who are the cause of this pandemic. So interesting.

Author — Tanya V


They are human first and foremost. Disease does not discriminate nor should you.

Author — David Martinez


Corporations are responsible for these agricultural

Author — Canyon Racer


We need to pay more for fruits and vegetables, hire locals and avoid transient workers, or will end up paying too high a price.

Author — Juan Diaz


Italians have spread their people everywhere, perhaps the most immigrant country in the world, but they hate immigration in their own lands...

Author — Wellington Medeiros


So, the people that pick your food, so you don't pay $10, 00 for a tomato, and you want them all to be deported?

Author — Kevin K.


People entering Italy from other countries are to be tested before entry. A long term plan may be drawn to control covid

Author — Franklin Karunakaran


When you crowd me in you get a good chance of disease spreed

Author — Michael Godbee


This is pay back time all the lies, mistreatment and sabotage is coming to an end

Author — Fruit trader


I feel bad for these workers. They're not paid well for the work they do, as well they stay and live in rotting places like we see here. Now they're being treated like criminals. It's very saddening

Author — Landhaus Idyll


Looks like we've made it to level two.

Author — Will Stewart


Seasonal Immigrant workers are not interested in paying Unions or finding excuses not to work .

Author — pete b