Melania Trump defends LeBron James

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Melania Trump defends LeBron James4.5
Melania Trump issued a statement praising LeBron James for his philanthropic efforts after U.S. President Donald Trump insulted the NBA star on Twitter.

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For this Melania was sent to her room without dinner

Author — avery neal


she just retract that statement 20 mins ago...Now miss wishy washy said she not taking nobody side...that blow up doll need her diamonds...Be Best

Author — Tracey ivy


Lebron actually makes charitable contributions. Trump just takes charitable contributions for his own pockets.

Author — Rice Crash


The most unstatesmanlike president we have ever had...more people should be embarrassed by this

Author — Rebecca Phillips


Melania and Lebron know one thing for sure....Trump is a BUM.

Author — Ted cox


You know there is something WRONG with Trump when your OWN family members are defending the opposing side.

Author — fpshooterful


Maybe his supporters will learn something from Melania, that you don't have to go along with everything President Buffoon does and say.

Author — Clinton Pough


Thanks Malania, your husband Cleary doesnt see the good in what Lebron did opening this school. What's wrong with him?

Author — sosaboy sosa


Sounds like Mrs. Trump has more awareness and compassion than her husband. I have a new respect for her. I hope she continues to stand up for what she believes.

Author — Sasha T.


She can have her own thoughts. Dam people

Author — Betty 1966


Melania and Trump playing good cop bad cop.

Author — My Opinion


Trump's ignorant tweets about Le Bron James and Don Lemon show the world what an ignorant self centered insecure "man" he is.

Author — Jamesetta Amico


I'd be surprised if the president didn't get in trouble for that because that statement is unacceptable for the next president.. He needs to be fired.. Anyone in a high position should be held to standards people.. ! If I worked at a company and was a manager I'd definitely be fired.

Author — Amy Harris


Team Melania hopefully soon she will be standing up for the people

Author — MrJoint888


Looks like the post-surgery honeymoon is over, lol

Author — Lava Lover


How did this happens to the United States to have a president child minded like Donald trump 🤔🤔🤔

Author — one love


Good for you Melania ✊ Our husbands are not always right! We often have to pick up the broken pieces. #BeBest

Author — earth strong


I would have more respect for any comments attributed to Melania if they came from her and not from her spokes person.

Author — redrock1963


Keep playing above the rim King James 😃💯

Author — James Washington


Melania fights "CYBERBULLYING" Something Mr Trump does all the time, #IMPEACH NOW!!

Author — Melissa Pesenti