In the house of Andres Segovia (1967)

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Best documentary ever about Andrés Segovia, year 1967, Filmmaker Christopher Nupen. Allegrofilms.

"Segovia at Los Olivos"

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A hundred years ago, Segovia was the only person who could play like this. Now there are hundreds or thousands of classical guitar masters. That is his glorious legacy!

Author — writereducator


Irrefutable evidence that Segovia was never young.

Author — Misanthropic Man


This guy is pretty good. If he keeps this up, he could really make a name for himself.

Author — MiscerVids


I was 19 and one of a group of American classical guitar students who visited him in his small office during our visit to Spain. He commented that I played " very pretty." This was a message I have carried with me for a lifetime! I shopped on the streets of Barcelona, and brought back a Spanish made guitar. I enjoyed the flamenco music being played on the streets. To a young girl- all was well with the world!

Author — playtolive Cromley


"Maestro - what brought you back to Andalusia?"
"Because it is my country - a country of blue sky, birds, flowers, fruits, LOVE, women and wine". There you have it.

Author — Angelica Luce


I love how composed he is while playing. He watches his left hand as if it's not a part of his body but the way a conductor might watch his first violin. Only his left eyebrow gives any indication as to his emotional state.

Author — Luis G


Segovia was a poet, he makes musical poetry with every note

Author — Michael Troke


“I wanted a small house not this monster.” Ha

Author — brrrrrrraseed


In 1964, when I'd been playing for only a few months, my mother took me to a UC Berkeley campus auditorium where Segovia was giving giving his first U.S. masterclass to young players like Christopher Parkening. I sat quite close and understood little except Segovia's focus on timbre. (little wonder as Segovia embodies this so well). After class, we stepped outside a side door, Segovia and his wife standing there in a garden setting with sunshine. We brought the sleeve of a Segovia album for him to sign. Which he did. A treasured record for a young player.
But later that year, The Beatles played San Fransico. I was there. Next they played Las Vegas and my mother and sister flew to Vegas and stayed in the same hotel in hopes of meeting them.. This is why I don't have my autographed Segovia album. They made the excuse of giving my album to George. They met The Beatles in their hotel room and when my mom gave George the Segovia album, he said Ï can't play like this!" I still play after 55 years and why not with an AMAZING MOTHER's encouragement.

Author — Steve Comins


what's impressive is how rich and loud a tone he gets with such little movement of his right hand fingers.

Author — king log


It was Segovia, by his many public concerts, who forced the Flamenco players to improve their technique and to produce a good clear tone and play more precisely instead of making noisy sounds. Indirectly Segovia rescued Flamenco, the classic Flamenco.
Modern "flamenco" is rather a mixture of Jazz and commercial music for the elevator.

Author — Alter Kater


Thank you Daniele Magli for this wonderful film which I hadn't seen before. Maestro Segovia has been a great hero for me for many years, since I first listened to his records back in the 1960's. You only have to listen to his playing to feel that this was a man witth a truly poetic sensibility (what a joy to hear him reading from Platero & I), and he was clearly a man of great charm and good humour. Of course, his views and attitude to life - even his style of playing the guitar - may not resonate well with many in today's world, he was not of today's world, he was born before the first World War, indeed before the turn of the 20th century. For me, and for many people, he remains a charming man and a very great musician.

Author — Thrum Bolax


His English is very nice, I love how he talks with his style. He is a genius throughout.

Author — National Socialist


Worth every minute, every second of watching. If you can never play the guitar, take comfort that there were/are those such as Segovia who can play for all of us to enjoy!

Author — GeorgeFlippin


This film is a delightful jewel, and was a joy to discover! Thank you!

Author — Johnny Conner


This is the guy that put the guitar on the map. Until he arrived the guitar wasn't even considered that relevant of an instrument.

Not to mention how he was one of the first to endorse nylon strings as oppose to catgut strings. He's a true pioneer.

Author — Justin Ford


"It's not really listening to music but better, dreaming with music".

Author — San Eckelhöfer


pleasant way to spend an hour, thanks

Author — saaversteen


“Andresito” el café! LMAO
“Andresito” was probably much older than his wife’s father

Author — spruceguitar


maestro was born in linares in 1893, so much history & music in color, viewable for ages to come

Author — Tom Kelly