BOAT TOUR: The Modern Interior of our 50 yr old DREAM YACHT — Sailing Uma [Step 225]

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💬 Comments on the video

You two are a couple of clever cookies 😊

Author — Sailing Ruby Rose


Youtube recommended this video to me. At first glance of the thumbnail, I thought, Oh these people have no clue why the things are laid out inside a sailboat. Everything needs to have multipurpose functions. Pretty things don't make sailing easier when you are in a big storm. Nobody has been able to improve on these interiors for decades. I have to watch this video to see the train wreck. Then while watching, my jaw dropped to the floor in disbelieve. I can clearly tell you have offshore experience and know what would work and doesn't. You found a way to improve a sailing 'yacht' interior to not only function better but also aesthetically look better. If I ever buy a similar sailing yacht like your's, I plan to implement the same changes you did. I'm also a photographer and I like your ideas of where to store your gear. Thanks for sharing your works.
As a U.S.C.G. Licensed Master and USCG Licensed Instructor (training future captains) 👮🏼‍♂️ a solid salute ✋🏻 😊!

Author — Captain Jack


This "lazy Susan" you invented in the corner is amazing!

Author — gabimerlin


You two are storage and inventing geniuses. Seriously, I’ve never seen better use of space. Anyone trying to make do in a small space should watch this. 🏆

Author — Blackpepper


Bruh.This boat is more roomy, and spaceous than the flat i live in.

Author — Cheese Legion


The amount of time and energy you've put into Uma is really amazing. You've turned $3000 into... Your whole life. It's really an extension of who you guys are. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Author — Sl1pg8r - Daily Stuff and Things!


Velas ao Oceanos

Muito Lindo

Parabéns BRASIL

Author — Helvio Pacifico


Your architect degrees have been put to good use ... your now interior designers and naval architects too !!! Well done 👍

Author — Speck Of dust


This is crazy, these two could make a killing flipping houses

Author — LiquaFoo


The Lazy Susan won me over, so freaking cool!

Author — VLeite777


I'm a cyclist, and cyclists say that; If you and your partner get a tandem bike, it won't change the course of your relationship, it will just get you there faster.
I think your yacht does that and then some, and as much as I admire your home, I admire your relationship more.
take care of each other :)

Author — sloopjohnbable


I am NOT lazy!

Er. I might be described as "hefty, " though.

Author — Susan Davis


32:39 "We were just trying to get to the next horizon, and getting to the next horizon we figured out what we needed to get to the next horizon."

That's one hell of a quote.

Author — The Watchman


My biggest reason for alcohol over propane is safety.
No matter what, if there is a stove fire, you can put it out with the water on hand.
I know this from experience. We had a fuel line rupture while cooking at sea - the alcohol leaked and fire spread - the Captain grabbed the pot of water we were boiling for a spaghetti dinner and dumped it on the flames. End f crisis.
On land, while RVing we used alcohol stoves, that way we did not have to worry about tunnels and bridges which do not allow hazardous/pressurized fuels and, therefore did not have to go around the long way.
While hiking, alcohol has been a favorite because it is available just about everywhere and operates even in the dark or after multiple cloudy days in a row!
P.S. Love your home-boat!

Author — dross24MA


Putting aside the fact that this interior is in a boat, THIS is how you do minimalist design. There's still soul left. So many minimalist designs these days end up eliminating a lot of emotion and visual elements by nature of making things as minimal as possible. Props to you guys!

Author — Somekidwithanm4


For the fruit hammock issue, I’d sew a piece of stretchy material to the back top of the hammock, and when you set sail just pull that stretchy “lid” over the fruit/veg and either tie down or maybe clamp/Velcro down to the front of the hammock. Problem solved. Or you could just tie a string to the middle of the front and run it straight up to an attachment above it under the cabinets & tie it off, hoisting the front high enough that the fruit won’t go spilling over. This boat interior looks like it was designed in the finest of Italian studios, working hand in hand with practical engineers with tons of boating knowledge. What an amazing job you two. Can’t get over how well done this is!

Author — John Parker


That Hefty Susan idea is the best pantry EVER. Absolutely Brilliant!!!

Author — Alyssa Rodriguez


how they got no stove bruh

edit: nevermind

Author — Charlie Blake


Love what you've done with the place! Seriously. Our boat was damaged in a recent storm, and instead of sending it to a landfill, we are taking this as an opportunity to redesign and build out the cabin. You have given us a bunch of ideas.

Also, not a nautical term, settee is a general architectural term for a piece of built in seating.

Author — M. Hans Liebert


The interior of Uma is the coolest, most thoughtfully designed and laid out that I have ever seen! You made it fit your needs rather than trying to adjust yourselves to traditional boat design! Kudos!

Author — Jan Harris