Trump announces deal to end partial government shutdown

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Trump announces deal to end partial government shutdown4

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Who is tired of winning? So much winning we can't take it anymore. Please Mr trump, it's just too much!

Author — Mtu Flani


To all the folks that say he lost in the court of public opinion, please don't buy everything the media says . They are wrong a lot ( remember Hilary is a slam dunk to be president ) as far as losing just wait to see what happens in 3 weeks ...this game is just in the first quarter . He did the right thing to get hard working Americans back to work and getting paid, something the Democrats refused to do.

Author — Karl Rogers


No deal and Trump will declare a national emergency, bet.

Author — Bullion Forever


I really do not see how anyone can say Trump caved. If he opened the gov. end of story then yes, I would agree. BUT he TEMPORARILY reopened it, only until Feb.15th. This gave gov. workers their back pay and is yet another example that he can use to say HE TRIED to negotiate. When on the CAMPAIGN trail. He has basically said that if a resolution can not be reached, calling an emergency to get the funding will be inevitable. Trump obviously wants to show that he exhausted all avenues before calling an emergency, which most likely he will.
Today Trump did a very smart, and important thing. Trump is a master negotiator. The Democrats just got played.

Author — Deplorable Trumper


NOTE TO TRUMP HATERS. This is a temporary solution. He's opening the government for 3 weeks to force the Democrats to come to the table to negotiate so that government workers can get paid. The wall is still being built. He just needs the money to pay the contractors when it's finished. If the Democrats don't come to the table in three weeks, he'll use his executive orders for a national emergency and or close the government down again. So for you Trump haters, this is more winning!!! Trump 2020.

Author — Barbara Richards


Everyone is getting angry and trying to yell at each other and trying to prove their point but putting down others... What we don't realize is that we are all sinking a ship that we are on! The rest of the world is laughing at America because we just can't get along... I believe we are better than this. Let's show the world what it looks like to be the UNITED States of America.

Author — Jordan Schoon


He had no choice but to cave. He gambled and he lost. No other way to see it.

Author — Duk Gi


Hes gonna smash the piece of craps in the state of the union

Author — Aaron Paul


Trump lost the shutdown. He can't use a shutdown again cause now the unions know they have control over him. As opposed to threatening to walk on day 35, they'll walk on day 1. He has no more leverage with the government employees. He can use emergency powers but will then get sued immediately from ten different sides and the whole thing will be tied up in court. There's no way out for him on this.

Author — DJ Roomba !


Days like today, I kinda wish Alex Jones was still on youtube. I miss his crazy freakouts, and today would be a double feature.

Author — I'm Aimée Miami


Another of Trumps buddies go to jail, and he gets owned by Pelosi in the same day...Bwhahaha!!

Author — scott b


Government shutdown all for nothing. Thanks alot Trump!

Author — MikeyJoJo6385


He caved.
There's zero chance Lindsey Graham can deliver. They've had a month and done nothing. Why believe 3 weeks will make any difference?

Author — jakeizlove


That's right, our president needs a break, he is tired of winning and hasn't gone to play golf in a while. 🤣🤣🤣

Author — Edward M


Trump caved to Pelosi and Schumer. Full stop.

Author — Samuel Sweetmann


Whoever ran audio on this needs to be fired.

Author — William Gualtieri


Brilliant move by the president. To expose the Democrats and to get the wall. He knew he was going to use the executive order for the wall, Pelosi and Schumer were probably thinking holy crap we've been setup again. TRUMP 2020.

Author — George Cruz


And the award for Best Editing goes to Fox. Brilliant decision to leave in 45 minutes of empty lectern.

Author — Matt Foley


Trump just check-mated Pelosi with this temporary deal to pay those government workers but the Trump haters are too stupid to see this...lmao.

Author — Maverick Watch Reviews


Usually when the President bends over for a woman, he gets spank with a magazine. For Nancy he just bend over. Hes trained now like a chubby puppy. 🤣😂🤣

Author — Boy Bili