Trump urges Russia to withdraw military from Venezuela

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The wife of opposition leader Juan Guaido is at the White House speaking with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Earlier Trump issued an ultimatum for the Russian government demanding that they withdraw military personnel from Venezuela. Journalist and author Dan Lazare discusses the latest with RT America’s Ashlee Banks. #RTAmerica #InQuestionRT #QuestionMore #News

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If Guaido is being honest when he says that the majority is against Maduro, he has no need asking for help to the USA and his daddy Trump.

Author — robertduarted


Here in Russia we want the US to withdraw it's military from Ukraine, The whole Middle East, Scandinavia, The Baltic states and Poland.

Author — Air Fan


If America can invade without invitation Can Venezuelans enter the US without permission?

Author — FoxD0651 4


the United States the only country in the world that uses freedom and democracy as an excuse to Rob countries from their riches like we have seen in Syria or Libya Iraq

Author — Armenian power


Notice the Freudian slip twice, “Venezuela was once part of the strongest companies...

Author — EeeveeLover02


if Venezuela was "poor", these vultures wouldn't be trying to steal it...

Author — Mike Bernard


US are desperate to get there hands on Venezuela's oil reserve! Juan Guido CIA plant!

Author — Mohammad Hussain


Why does the US do not leave Syria or Ukraine? Is the US the only country allowed to interfere in other countries?

Author — input365


U.S should get out of middle East, all options are on the table.

Author — simon sze


Did Trump say democracy? Lol so economic sanctions and threats of invasion is democracy, I guess they wanna bring"democracy" to Russia.

Author — cook


United States spills blood for oil since the last century.

Author — Oz Ahmed


Maybe Putin could urge Trump to tell the Israelis to remove themselves from the Golan Heights

Author — Willy Wonky


90% poverty pre-Chavez is not prosperity but theft. Now, there are no homeless, 95% literacy, free food for 2/3 of VZ citizens. Maduro has made ViZ citizens richer than ever before.

Author — Brilliant Wonderful


"Trump urges Russia to withdraw military from Venezuela" - or what?!

Author — M Ch


Russia should withdraw 100 military personnel from Venezuela when the US withdraws thousands of troops AND mercenaries from Germany, Italy, UK, Poland, Baltics, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey, Kosovo, South Korea, Ukraine, etc. etc. etc.

Author — bboucharde


1:35 Drumpf says "company" instead of "country" and had to catch himself from doing it twice. That shows you where his head is at.

Author — Mario Biera


Silly little orange man. What are you going to do, impose more sanctions on Russia? Over the past 5 years its economy has grown steadily.
Go ahead, sanction away you foolish little man.

Author — Michael nunya


Very sad how US foreign policy is in the world.

Author — ABC AC


Trump did not urge Russia to leave Venezuela he ordered them to! I don't know but somebody needs to break it to the man that he is not the king of the world!

Author — Janet Baker


withdraw all military from Venezuela!!
we are the only one allowed to place troops where ever we like around the world!!
this isn't fair, we need that oil and gas!!

Author — M M