Sacred Codes by Agesta - Attract Money - 897

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Agesta is the name by which the spiritual channeler Jose Gabriel Uribe is known and through their channels, beings of Light and Cosmic Beings send sacred codes to help Humanity.

Each sacred code has a function, and to make them work we must do this:

-Activate the code - Say it out loud or in thought “Activate the Sacred Code (say the numbers) to (the code function)”. Then repeat the numbers 45 times in a row.
-View and feel the end result with great gratitude.

-There are no rules for speaking numbers. We can say as separate numbers, in tens or hundreds and so on. For example - Attracting Money 897. One might say "eight hundred and ninety seven" eighty nine - seven "," eight - ninety seven "or" eight - nine - seven "(the latter being my favorite).

-You can repeat the 45 times throughout the day, anytime and anywhere, there are no rules.

There are also no rules for how many days we should repeat the sacred codes. We usually repeat them until we get the desired results.

Making a 45-knot bracelet or rope can help count the times of sacred code repetitions.

If you want to make the codes for other people, just say “I apply this code (say the code and the number of the sacred code) to (first and last name of the person)”.


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I wish you would talk a little slower I can't get a full breath of fresh air

Author — Dave Hibbs


897 ia for urgent money. Badly need money

Author — Akash Manick


I don't think this a Gregory Grabovoi secuency! It is an Agesta code... And it is a different sistem

Author — Ele ra


If have you exam win grabovoi, please share?

Author — Çekim Yasası


How many times we need chant per day?



Consulta directa, Grabovoi, Cree ser la segunda venida de Cristo ? ¿¿SI o NO??

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