History of war and world conflicts # 160

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History of war and world conflicts # 160

A selection of unique photos from various conflicts and wars. The most rare and amazing images from past and present battles.

About war or any conflict, we, most often learn from news or rumors. The war in Syria or in the Donbas, or maybe in Iran or in another country. All this flies past us like a terrible dream. Today we heard about the victims, and tomorrow, perhaps forgotten already. No matter how wild it may sound, it is so. Problems that do not affect us, we are not interested most often. What we have before the war in some distant country, the main thing is that the nearby was quiet and quiet. Unfortunately, so many people argue. We forgot our values ​​and went headlong into our ego. There is nothing to be done about it, since we are brought up from childhood and not many of us acquire with the years of feeling for other people.

In these videos, I've collected photos from many wars from around the world, over the past dozens of years. The best photos I could find, everything for you, my roads are the audience. Everyone should look at this to appreciate the whole tragedy of the troubled times of the war. Terrible images from the war in Vietnam, Yugoslavia and Korea. In addition, there are photos from Ukraine, Donbass, Syria and much more.

Welcome to our channel. The video of this channel is only informative, we do not call for violence or violation of the law. We review the news of Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Ukraine, Turkey and the rest of the world, so that you are aware of all events.

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