Daily Bihar today news of all bihar districts video in Hindi.Get latest news of patna & Gaya.

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Latest Daily Bihar today news from Bihar districts in Hindi i.e. 26th November 2019:-
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1. JDU appointed president and secretary under special campaign
2. No more networking concerns in Valmikinagar city
After a long wait, the road to #ValmikinagarPark has been opened for tourists. But often in the complaint of people who roam in this park, first of all, there is no network of mobile in the park premises. In such a situation, the government has also found a solution. Under which consideration is being considered to start the mobile tower of BSNL installed in the premises of the guest house, so that people living in those areas will now get the network easily.
3. The provision of equal pay may come into force soon
4. Nomination in #PACS elections starts today
PACS elections are going to start soon in Bihar. In this election to be held in five phases, the process of filing nominations for the first phase will start from today, which will run till 28 November. While this election of the first phase will be held on 9 December. Let me tell you that in the first phase elections, 76 presidents will fill nominations in seven blocks. Which will be done from 11 am to 3 pm.
5. Power demand reaches 5800 MW
6. Buddha statue is being built in the trade fair
7. Bihar cabinet approves resumption of 1534 new posts
8. Nomination form for Patna University Students' Union elections started selling
The bugle of #PatnaUniversity Students Union Election has been sounded. Under which this election will be held on 7 December. At the same time, the last date for filing nominations in this election is 26 November ie today. Under which its number has been increased from 23 to 25.

9. Dhanraj Pillai reached Patna
10. Inauguration of the three-day Rajgir Festival
The three-day #RajgirMahotsav to be held in Rajgir has started. Which was inaugurated by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Where many ministers including Tourism Minister Krishna Kumar Rishi, Rural Minister Shravan Kumar, Shailesh Kumar were present during the inauguration. Let me tell you, in this three-day Rajgir Mahotsav, there will be a program of ghazals and music along with cultural programs. Where the famous ghazal gayak Pankaj Sad will also be present.

11. You will get these facilities in Valmikinagar of Pashim Champaran, Bihar
12. Now let us know about the famous personality of Bihar
Today we will talk about #NehaSharma in this segment. Neha Sharma is originally from Bihar. Neha was born on 21 November 1987 in Bhagalpur district of Bihar. Neha did her early schooling from Mount Carmel School in Bhagalpur, after which she also studied fashion designing. Later many of Neha films also did well at the box office. Neha has got a chance to work in many films because of her acting. Neha started her film career with the film The Crook. After which Neha has also worked in films like Kya Hai Hai, Youngistan besides a small role in Teri Meri Kahaani. The whole country including Bihar is proud of these achievements of Neha.
13. Vacancies removed for 43 posts including Scientist
14. Under this scheme, 6 thousand rupees will go to your account
15. Inauguration of the book before addressing the election meeting
16. Jagdanand Singh becomes new RJD state president
There seems to be a big organizational change in the RJD. Jagdanand Singh has been made the new state president of the party. Before you tell him, before #JagadanandSingh was appointed state president, speculation was being made to hand over this command to Ramchandra Poorve, who is considered close to the Lalu family. The RJD has handed over this command to Jagadanand Singh, the state president.

17. If we had done alliance with BJP then today we would have been Chief Minister
18. Maharashtra politics will be decided today
19. Khesari opened his family poles as soon as he got out of the house
Shaan #KhesariLalYadav journey in Bihar has ended in Bigg Boss house. After which Khesari Lal Yadav has also told many secrets about the format and contestant of the show as soon as he leaves the house. In his interview given after being homeless from home, Khesari has said that here humans turn into devils. I did not submit the format of this show. But there is nothing like that. In the show, I just became a torture machine.
20. Conference will be held in Patna next year for migrant Biharis
21. Manjhi advised Chief Minister Nitish Kumar
22. Annoyed by Kohli statement Gavaskar released statement
23. Big faces will be seen in JDU star campaigners
24. All parties have gathered in the preparations for the upcoming assembly. In this sequence, the JDU spokesperson has told that during the interaction with the media that the party has prepared a list of star campaigners to spread publicity for all the candidates who have entered the field in view of the upcoming #Jharkhandassemblyelections. Which includes the names of Prashant Kishore, Lalan Singh, RCP Singh.

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Ham Gaya Jilla Ka Jayram Kumar P.s. Wazirganj Ka Hai.
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जैसा की हमने आपको पहले ही बता दिया था की आज के सवाल के जवाब के लिए बिहारी न्यूज़ की तरफ से आपको (giveaway) दिया जायेगा. मगर isko paane के लिए सिर्फ कमेंट करना काफी नहीं होगा, इसके लिए हमारी आज की विडियो पर 5000 लाइक्स होना अनिवार्य होगा.जिसके पश्चात हम Youtube Random Comment Picker से कमेंट पिक करेंगे जिसके बाद हम जीतने वाले व्यूअर को give away के रूप में 16 gb pendrive दिया जायेगा .
मौका ना गवाए विडियो को 5000 लाइक तक पहुँचाये और कमेंट करना भी ना भूले. क्यूंकि giveaway पाने के लिए दोनों ही बेहद ज़रूरी है.

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Madhubani district of walking of places are mithila painting madhubani, kali temple madhubani