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Dear Jon,
this playthrough has been a great experience, probably one of the most interesting and entertaining I have ever seen: all the rules were explained well and at the right moment. Good job!

Author — frabac72


Man, the round counters look like candy. It kinda made me want to eat some of them

Author — Zyrden


Jon, I think you have the best playthrough videos.

Author — Jörgen Lundberg


If you quit doing this videos, I quit playing board games. No, seriously, so much effort in this. I am learning games from your videos. Well done.

Author — Pavol Kušnír


Jon, very detailed playthrough with all the rules explained on the go. Thanks.

Author — Paweł Montwiłł


Very impressive playthrough Jon. Well done keeping all those interconnected scoring mechanisms straight, for three players 🤪

Author — Jared Jansma


Jon, great playthrough! Very clear and concise. Excellent work

Author — Jayson Smith


Didn't watch this when it came out, but just recently got myself a copy of Pulsar. Great Job as your usual, very clear and understandable
Keep up the effort!

Author — yannis guerra


Excellent! Great idea to simulate three playser in order to show as many options as possible.

Author — edifanobbonafide


Would love to hear your opinion on this one, hope you do a review.

Author — Southfloridelphia


One of the most excellent board game videos ever. Thank yo so much for the hard work you put into producing content of this superb quality.

Author — Shannon Berry


As ever, an outstanding video: your close-up camera work is still unparalleled in board game coverage and this is yet another game you have totally sold to me with a thoroughly comprehensive and entertaining play-through. Despite your concerns about 'going easy on yourself' I'd say that was a pretty close game for the most part and it ably demonstrates how different strategies can be equally effective: the mark of of a well designed game. Thanks again!

Author — Nigel Graves


I'm ready looking forward to play this game. Whit your video I feel like I already played it once... ready to crush my oponent...

Author — Etienne Simard


Great playthrough, Jon! I was really impressed by the way you highlighted the different options available. Like you said in the end; you took very singular focuses, which is not tremendously realistic in a game like this. While there's barely any player interaction in this one, there is a certain need to block someone from exploiting their chosen strategy.

The interesting thing about this game is that you should absolutely sacrifice some of your own actions to block a clear winner from getting more points. Maybe something to take into consideration for another playthrough for future games; to be a bit meaner to your alter-egos.

Very much my compliments on how you did this one though. Your explanations and the pace you took were spot-on, and I liked how you pointed out all tiny mistakes you made but still rectified them within the game.
An unparalleled display of boardgame playthrough!

Author — Michael S


That technology with the two dice, one white and one red, seems way too strong giving you two more dice in that turn. Could it be you made a mistake, and in reality that white die in the tech represents the OTHER die that you haven't used?
By the way you did an excellent job with this playthrough: you showed very different ways to make points, with each "player" focusing on different aspects of the game!

Author — Superstar Banana Mix


Would love to see you review this game! This is my favorite game from 2107

Author — Ryan Rose


Thanks Jon for another great playtrough. Have ordered the game allready.

One question, Are you allowed to land on planetary system that you have only flown trough on a previous turn? If not, are you allowed to fly trough it again on a later turn? Well that was kind of 2 questions. :-) Thanks.

Author — André Lie


Awesome work, Jon! I just wish you didn’t talk so fast, only because there’s so much detail to follow that I find myself rewinding frequently to hear what you said. Excellent work though, as always.

Author — Michael Zipkin